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Ahhhhh.....Remember the golden years. The 90's were truly the illest, crack epidemic wasn't so deadly and people weren't so angry we had a black man for president named Bill Clinton, and welfare was introduced to people [lol] and television was actually worth watching. I Mean Even Commercials Like The Bud Weiser Commercial

Nickelodeon Was The Bomb So I Decided to do the Best Of The Best Countdown then the rest will be Honorable Mention. Here We Go
1) Rugrats - The Illest show ever created.

2) Doug

3) My Brother And Me
4) Ghost Writers
5) Wild And Crazy Kids
6) Keenan And Kel
7) All That
8) Hey Arnold

9) Rocko's Modern Life
10) Cousin Skeeter

11) Gullah Gullah Island
12) 2 Stupid Dogs
13) Are You Afraid Of The Dark
14) Wild And Crazy Kids
15) Clarissa Explains It All

16) Taina
17) Ahhh! Real Monsters

18) Ren and Stimpy
19) Legends Of The Hidden Temple
20) Global GUTS!
21) Cat Dog
22) Angry Beavers
23) Rocket Power

24) 100 deeds For Eddy McDowd
25) As Told By Ginger
26) Secret World Of Alex Mack

Well MAYBE this list is off but the top 15 is about right!! Lol

Honorable Mention:

The Journey Of Allen Strange
Bobby's World
Dinosaurs [Not The Mama]

Darkwing Duck
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
Sailor Moon
Pepper Ann

Allegra's Window
Boy Meets World [Cory And Tapanga]

Ghost Writers

Bananas In Pajamas [I Love This Show!]
Quack Pack

The baby Scooby Doo And Flinstones Shows
Josie And The Pussy Cats
Sister, Sister
Goose Bumps

Eureekas Castle
The Lion King

Do You Remember These Cartoons If your around my age [in my 20's] Im pretty sure you do or even if your in your teens [nineteen, i got that one from R, Kelly Himself] Im pretty sure you can remember it as well.

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What a coincedence! I'm 19! I also remember Hysteria! and don't forget Dexter's Lab and Johnny Bravo. and Digimon. I used to love Digimon.

I HATED cousin skeeter... it used to make my skin crawl. lol. but loved Doug Funny. Did you ever see Captain Planet??? I used to LURV him and Hammer Time. Were thoose 80s cartoons???? I don't know everything comes here a bit delayed so for me it was 90s

Mannn this post brought back so many memories. This just reminded me of what I already knew, shows these days are garbage compared to what we used to watch. I'm gonna have to get some of these dvds cause I don't want my future kids to have to deal with this nonsense they show now.
Buuuut yeah...
i'm about to go YouTube some of these shows now :)

This post is defintely doooooooopppppppeeeeeeee!!!
Yes, the 1990's was by far the best year 2 watch TV, besides the cartoons, and television series like full house, boy meets world, you also had good television series like NY Undercover, Law & Order(The original cast), Martin, Living Single 2 name a few.

1st time checking out ya blog & its defintely dope. Keep doin ya thing love.


*If you like, u could add me 2 your blogroll, and I'll defintely pass thru & spread luv!*.

u bought back some MEMORIES man!!!
aight wot i remember i used to loooove was doug, rocko's modern life, cousin skeeter, dinosaurs (damn dat ishh was ma favourite!) recess and 2 stupid dogs so u hit da nail on da head girl
loved all dem cartoon network shows.. remember johnny bravo?!

those shows were definitely crack. i use to be able to watch tv for hours...especially on saturday mornings.

great blog

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