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My grandmother called me this morning and wished me a happy birthday and said she would be putting my birthday gift in the bank. So im like .....wtf?

My birthday is April 16th ...NOT February The 17th. Maybe she isssss getting a little old even though my grandmother has NEVER showed ANY of the side effects of getting old a day in her life.

So im debating whether to say something and correct her or shut up and take the money. Its NANA there's no way in hell i can lie to her....

So i correct her and she reminds me that today is the day i was ADOPTED.

I shoulda slapped myself for that. I almost forgot i was adopted today which is sad because this has always been a BIG day for me my twin sisters and my Older brother since it happened. The day Our Grandmother adopted us....DAMN!


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aww happy birthday shenda..
at first i was like aw man granny gettin old..the altzimers are kickin in..
but she got her damn mind..its u thats losing it..lol

and i love that background.

awww happy bday sis..lol @ miss fortune

Happy B-Day!

Grandmas always remember the special moments..lol

awh; thats so cute!!! happy "adopted" bday! :)

This is really sweet! Happy Birthday...spend that money with pride!!

That's so sweet of her, HAPPY BIRTH DAY # 2

Aww, that's cute. Happy Birthday, you schizo, you.

Awwwww! That was sweet

Happy Birthday!

some one once gave me money twice for graduating. I kindly accepted but did not cash the last check. lol

but happy birthday! thats cool... much love to your grandma for taking over...

Mkay Happy early birthday :0) so you're an aries? you need to shoot me your im i need some aries expertise but dontchu love grandmas lmaooooooooo

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