How Things Have Changed


I have known many people in Brooklyn. Some are fellow Schitzo's And Some are even more crazier than me. Have you ever heard the saying "Things Change and people change"?

I would like to first and foremost say THANK YA JESUS! For me being able to over come and at times not even partake in the drama, bullshit, beef, arguments, fights, breakups, and makeups that eventually were followed by another breakup, The death, and incarceration that happened to many of my fellow brooklynites.

With that being said i went to my old Myspace page (Which i cant delete because i don't even remember the password or anything) and i ran across old comments, friends, and even some old enemies (Who came on my page to start drama....Ahhhh the young and dumb days) EVERYONE from Brooklyn (who was ONCE considered someone) is on that page *Waves* HELLO BROOKLYN

So as I'm going down memory lane and clicking on various profile pictures which ultimately led me to their profiles, I couldn't help but laugh at how many of them were doing wayyyyyyy worse than I am.

I Know, I Know, ...How evil of me but,.. whatever! I decided to indulge in my evil-ness and continue to laugh and talk shit (To myself)

I said this day would come.

The day when I would look back and say to myself what was I thinking, dating him, what was i thinking, stressing that situation, why the hell was she/he ever my friend, and why did i ever actually care that these people talked bad about me or didn't like me. I knew this day would come. IT'S HERE.

So I looked back and realized that my ex was never worth it because he didn't have anything going for him then and well....he doesn't have anything going for him now. The other ex is in jail serving time *cough*. Friends who I am no longer friends with are miserable with kids they cant take care of, or are still in high school (mwahahahahaaaaa) Some are simply doing the same thing they were doing back then which is .....well ...Nothing. And One Girl ain't got no neck (I had to throw that in there because when i saw that i almost fell out of my bed).

I'm not saying I'm a superstar or anything like that; however I am better off than they are and maybe I'm a bitch for basking in pleasure because they are not doing so well. Personally *blank stare* I Dont care. I'll be a bitch then....

So to all of you out there who may be reading this, don't stress the ex or the chick he cheated with, don't stress the failed friendships and so forth. If you don't harbor any ill feelings towards them and you continue to LIVE YOUR LIFE and persevere in whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish your gonna finally decide one day to look back and reminisce and say WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKIN?

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lmao @ this post and "the day is here" seriously being on myspace reminded me of all the embarrassing people I know and dated.

lmfao @ the girl with no neck
besides that i'm really feelin this post

Great fucking post homie!!! I love it. I feel this way every time I see new baby pictures and my ex's getting new ex's.. All this drama people keep getting into, im glad I cut them out my life. HELLO INDIANAPOLIS!!! (not from brooklyn so it dont sound as cool)

Ain't nothing wrong with recognizing you made something valuable out of your life. Shit, you better recognize it so you don't ever lose sight of your goals. I call it, a healthy level of narcissism.

Cool blog.

Oh yeah, I'm 100% sane... born and bred in Brooklyn. That debunks your blog description. =]

-rolls eyes @ brooklyn- ^^^ he's totally telling a story lol nahhh i'm kidding i'm kidding, (kinda -looks around for him- lol) but hey, like he said, aint nothin wrong with what u did..hell i do it all the time. narcissist? i thinks not.

i meant aint nothin wrong with looking back and being proud of doing better than those who are doing nothing (more than likely by a choice of their own.) hell u deserve it as far as i'm concerned

smh@"miserable with kids they cant take care of". That's why I always tell myself "Well, at least I'll be 20. I could've been 16". This reminds me of a quote:

"It's lonely at the top, but it's comforting to look down at everyone at the bottom"

don't stress the failed friendships and so forth

yup i needed to see those words

Thus the name Pro-Hood ( professionlly hood) There is no were written that you can't be from the bottom and move on up love. The true testimony of growth is being able to break from the mold. Look at Brooklyn bred...gutter hood nigga..aka Alpha man aka Howard Grad etc... Look at Pro... hood chick, college educated, speaks, write and reads 3languages fluently, and working in the top international law firm in NYC. Be proud of being part of the "Yes we can" movement. We are the faces of Black pride... Urban streets and insanity lmaooooooo yes BK breds the crazy mufuckas owwwwwwwwwwwww *two steps out this mug* you are inspiration- Pro

doesnt it just feel good to prove ppl wrong!
them same ones we were tryna they lookin for a handout!!
this remind me of back at home...
thats why i vowed never to move back there..aint nobody doin shit..that can either kill me or make me stronger...!

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