Schizophrenic Brooklynite and Greeks Dont Mix


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT to disrespect any people affiliated with any Greek sororities and Fraternities. I'm expressing my feelings and showing you my experiences while away at college. An HBCU to be exact.


The other day we had a mixer outside, I believe it was being held by the Alpha's and they were strolling, and stepping. It looked almost like a probate, but it wasn't. A young lady who was an AKA pushed me, so that she could see what was going on.

If you knew/know me, you'd know that the bitch didn't have to push me, all she had to do was ask say "excuse me". I could care less about watching them "stomp the yard". I can watch the movie and see that sexy brown skin bald head guy from the movie for all of that. So me being the schizophrenic Brooklynite that I am hit her with the "Excuse me" insert mad attitude as you say/read that. She turns around and someone says "Girl you better chill, she's an AKA"

*Insert Eye roll and "I don't give a *expletive*" here*


A young lady was allegedly hospitalized after an object was flung into her face by a member of Delta Sigma Theta. Instead of people criticizing the delta's for their actions they crucified the young girl who eventually told about the hazing. They said things like "Th bitch wasn't cut out for it, she shoulda kept her mouth closed". Really?
I mean, theirs no sympathy for the girl who was hospitalized? or the other girl who told what was going on and had to change her school because they wouldn't leave her alone?

They're just lucky it wasn't me, or someone else like me, because I would have gotten my hands on a licensed gun and defended myself.

Most Greeks would label me a hater, or something else simply because I'm not affiliated, yet I will speak against them and some of their unruly actions. The joke is on them. I never actually took the steps necessary to actually join them. Me being from New York, where your Greek organization doesn't mean more than the next chicks Blood affiliation, it just so happens that joining a sorority no longer means shit to me, especially after I've seen the damage they do to people considered outsiders. The way people idolize and praise them disgusts me. I don't see you in church (only for those who deem themselves to be religious people), reading the Bible, or praising God, yet you know every AKA by name, and her whole life story, what state she's from and who her boyfriend is. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?

I still have respect for the Delta's on ASU's campus even though that horrible incident took place, because I've witnessed them do alot of community service IN THE COMMUNITY. When I say 'in the community', I mean in Montgomery. Not simply doing things abroad to make themselves look good and get recognized. .

However, alot of the other Greek organizations seem to simply just BE there. I don't see them doing much of anything besides wearing their Blues, yellows, pinks, greens, and purples. (I have seen the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha partake in alot of awareness programs on campus, I commend them for that so they can be excluded from that list of people who hardly do anything)

I'm tired of dealing with their gang mentality. What in that girls correct, sane mind would let her think that she could push me out the way, to see her "Brothers" step and I would be OK with that?

Greeks and Gangs?

many people say that Greeks can't be compared to gangs, because - of course Greeks don't go around engaging in criminal activity .....or do they? I believe their initiation practices are very criminal and can be compared to those of Bloods, Crips, and Latin Kings. Hazing is criminal, illegal, and against Greek letter organization policy. On ASU's campus, if you mess with one Q-Dog, you mess with them all, and PLEASE, don't even attempt to speak out against these people and the things that you dislike about them. You might be in danger of getting bullied, or run the chance of having to physically defend yourself against them. I'm a Brooklynite, and Schizophrenic is in front of that title. I was crazy before I was a brooklynite (Which means I was thinking crazy thoughts before my mother let the doctors cut me out. See, I didn't even want anything to do with the coochie, they had to cut me out the belly, or my mother would still be pregnant today) so I'm not afraid of anything, especially not people.

I think that the Greek Organizations on ASU's Campus need new direction and leadership. They need to actually do what they are supposed to do; like, empower women, and emancipate the minds of young men. They need to be a "sista" and "brotha" to all men and women, not just their sorors and Frat brothers. Its time that they serve the community and give back to the people who actually invest in their existence and support them no matter what controversy they are being accused of (like the beating, and hospitalization of a young lady while being hazed last semester who was a Delta pledge). O

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I just wanna say I'm sorry that your experience with greeks hasn't been the best.

But. With that said, I am a greek and I make it a point not to treat anyone with or without letters on their chest any differently then I would have treated them before I became greek.

What you have to understand is being greek is a lifestyle. One that some may take way to far, but a life style none the less.

There is a method to the madness, there are things you couldn't possibly understand unless you were greek and submerged in it.

As a fellow New Yorker (I'm from the Bronx) I thought the same thing (who cares about a greek in NY?) But once I became greek they started to pop up everywhere.

The point of my organization (Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.) is to be socially conscious and active in the community, the sisterhood is just an added bonus.

So to compare us to gangs, people who start out as needing to belong and elevate to commiting crime and violence, I feel isn't right...

They take away from the community and greeks add.

At least thats how its supposed to be, Idk how they are at your school but I don't think you should let some AKA ruin ur views of sororities/greek life...

great post/blog

". I'm a Brooklynite, and Schizophrenic is in front of that title. I was crazy before I was a brooklynite (Which means I was thinking crazy thoughts before my mother let the doctors cut me out)" - The best part !

I am a Kappa Alpha Psi Baby and I can attest that all the Divine 9 plus 1 serve a necessary purpose. They are not gangs although they are guilty of some negative ish from time to time. Most organizations actually DO a great deal in helping our People. The AKA's have been doing Womens health fairs and Education uplift for years. The Deltas started cause the AKA Chapter didn't feel they were doing enough so they started a new sorority when the rest of the AKA's disagreed with their mission statement. Black Folks take it for granted now including the Black Greeks that we can enjoy and prosper on a college campus. KAY was started cause most Black Men had no place to assemble, no organization to commune and/protest with and more importantly no place to sleep. Blacks, few that there were, only saw each other every few weeks sometimes.

Don't give up or paint them all with a broad brush.

You always keep it 100!!!!

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I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I feel like that vibe can be picked up at any school. For some people, being greek is a big ego booster and I think think all the organizations need reinforcement. However, I don't know many people my age who have stayed financial and active after college.

I was interested but after college it slowly faded and I became more and more content with being a GDI (LMAO). But wow, I thought this would have been a much hotter topic. Not surprised only greeks responded (plus reggie lol). There are greeks with great intentions, but anyone processed will never publicly own up to the fact that their are core similarities with gangs because they know hazing is a damn crime.

Cool post. I just knew you would pledge Delta this year though.. I was sure of it.

I didn't think Greek was big in NY either but they are... I know a TON! I miss college by the way...

girl you go to alabama state university...let me find you are like an hour and some away from me. i am at uwg.. anyway to a certain extent i can agree with you but its not right to call the entire divine nine a spades. you cant generalize everyone in an organization because not everyone is like that. i will say that i have had experiences as well but not all are like that because i have greek friends who are not like some of the ugly ones who acts like they are above everyone else. i also had an experience with a que when i was in a club and they began to stroll one of them elbowed me dead in my face and i hit him back. you right fight one you fight all. i am from brooklyn as well and could not understand for the life of me what was so important about greek life, but it really is a sister/brotherhood and a way of life.

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