Why Dont Women Get along?


Where they do that at? ... Twitter.

Because I'd like to believe that the rest of the people who engage in certain trending topics on twitter are beneath me, I'll relieve some of the tension here, VIA my blog, instead of trying to enlighten those retarded individuals on twitter.

Ladies, since you're my core audience here, Have you ever made this statement "I dont mess with that many chicks"?

Well, why don't you?

First there was the darkskin vs. lightskin beef between women, and some men (who clearly have feminine traits) engaged in that idiocracy, but now I'm sitting in front of my computer and I can't believe the public displays of bitchie-ness and rampant spread of ignorance being shown throughout twitter.

It's rediculous that females flat out don't get along with each other and refuse to even associate with other women. If I had a dollar for every female who has said "I don't mess with females like that, they talk too much, I don't get along with them" I think I would honestly have a dollar amount equivalent to the number of heterosexual females in America.

Women; like African Americans, will never be viewed in a positive light until they stop proving stereotypes about us to be correct.

What ever happened to woman empowerment?

Black people blame Willie Lynch, but women, who do we blame for our childish actions? Why can't we get along?

If your a female who has the ideology and belief that association with other females is something that you just could never do (or would never do); why? Why do we disrespect each other by belittling each other?

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For as long as I can remember all my closest friends have been female, but I'm quite sure that's rare because it's a known fact that women DO NOT get along.

I really think it's a competition thing. Instead of seeing our fellow women as friends we see them as our competitor. It's not cool. I have to admit though lately I find myself more inclined to approach and talk to a guy (not because I'm trying to holler or anything like that) rather than a women because I feel like we can be so judgmental of each other and no one wants to deal with that.

Sadly, I don't think us women folk will ever really get it together as far as getting along is concerned :-\

i never understood that. i was just going to say i think some of it has to do with competition. but still,im not one of those girls who "would rather have more guys friends then girl friends" i feel like i need some lady friends around cus guys cant always relate to girl things you know? but for some odd reason chicks are just super catty against one another which i find so weird,you would think we would all come together but nope.!

I always enjoyed both sexes as friends, but I will raise my hand as one of women who enjoy men better. For me its not so much as to say women are evil competitors but more like I enjoy the rawness of men. When they're alone with other men, They let their guards down and chill. They entertain their pleasures [pussy money weed lol] and just be. Women I feel are like this too but its not as relaxed. We are always on guard and can never let our hair down. Its more of a very quiet paranoia between us. I always let my guard down and i'm able to make women friends quite easily cause they sense im not hiding any hidden agenda and motives[stealing your man lol] IDK its a very interesting topic

females don't fuck with each other because females know how females are.
the only time you'd see a group of girls and they seem cool. is because all of thier chracteristics and ideology are pretty much the same and they accept one another for the most part for that.
its sad but hey, thats how most girls are.
I don't particularly hang around girls because for some reason, they never wanna let themselves just go. its always ALWAYS about how its gonna look to that person or this guy or whatever. ehh.. well find a way. or i will and be rich n famous for it heyyy

females cant stand one another because they compete too much. everything with them is a competition so instead of being united they are divided and tearing one another down.

tf i miss this one? well, i have been guilty of saying that i dont have very many female friends and i justify that by saying, i dont have very many male friends either..i'm not much of a ppl person and i dont use the term friend\sister\brother etc loosely..stereotypical females are loud, bitchy, catty, always over dramatic, etc etc and i personally just tend to stay away from that..now, i will say, i can get along with just about anyone male or female alike and there arent many ppl, females specifically, that i just flat out dont like..so iono..as aforementioned, it's prolly just a competition thing among other things..i'd hope we as women can get it together soon though b\c the ish is gettin real old..

me and my bff have been friends for almost 7 years and we have never had a argument or "im not her friend anymore" moment. very rare among woman and i think alot of the time is because there is a hidden jealousy and compeititiveness within themselves that wont allow themselves to take another woman serious. in their own minds they are thinking "im better than her" when their insecurity is obviously chippig away at them.

its childish in my opinion. why categorize and bash all female friendships because of imaturity.

grow up.

madd love .

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