I'm My Mothers Worst Nightmare...


She must see something equivalent to my nightmares and bad dreams because I hate to close my eyes at night, the same way she hates to open her eyes and look at me.

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5 Schitzos Talking

NO! you're the impossible dream that came to fruition <--- let that marinate. Regardless of who you are what you were, whether there is a reason for a volatile relationship or none with her at all... i need you to know this. you are beautiful just the way you are... and whether she's happy, disappointed or not at the end of the day you are her child. <--- it doesn't mean having to live up to an expectation or approval or even wanting to mend y'all relationship. It means there are things in life, circumstances, relationships that are uncomprehensible... You can dwell in that realization or brush your shoulders off and be "superwoman" thats how i met you off this bitch and thats who i know you to be... An intelligent Brooklynite carving her way in this mundane world while holding on to self.... not even yo momma! can take that from you... now smile for me..juss a little :0)

Lol, Pro, nah my mother is fighting her own demons...
I didnt do anything to the woman.
I'm no failure, i've done more in the 20 odd years that I've been here than she has in the near 50 that she has(i dont throw that in her face). Im 20 something, educated sucessful and on my way to the top.... so whats her problem?
It doesnt bother me though... because im a brooklynite. Im too tough to dwell..

I can relate in so many ways ..

How do I do deal with it?

Her hate is simply her way of saying I envy you, and deep down inside I'm proud of you ...

iLy Shen !

please add resilience to your list ;0)

shen..i tagged you in my blog

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