Yet To Come.


I've started 2 different Books, over 9 different pieces worthy of being published in Time Magazine, and Essays and articles.

My essays end up being published in school, hailed as great works, written aggressively and full of passion by one of the most discreet and quiet student's known to attend (my school). My Articles end up in Magazines (not time); however my Time Magazine worthy pieces and books... cant seem to get finished. I put alot of passion, love, emotion, and sleepless, teary eyed nights into them, but It just feels like it's never finished. I have stories to tell, and points to get across.

My greatest stuff is yet to come.

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4 Schitzos Talking

I know the feeling .. Dont worry Sis .. Our time will come..

& when it does, they wont know what 2 do with us ..

=D .

best of luck 2 ya !

Wussup Super Wonder loll. Well no worries, we'll all be awaiting for it when it's complete. The greatest accomplishments and most appreciated works take much longer than anticipated.

Lol, Ok T, Dont say nothing when I start calling You T-Nookumz Like Snookie from Jersey Shore Lol!!

@LyrikMarie Im waiting for a hit. I want one by the summer to play over the documentary I'm working on for the summer....

go sis!!! i'm bouta email you right now LOL love n miss you mama

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