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I Wanted to do a personal blog, mostly for me, more for me than any readers. I dont really know where to start. Do i start back in the 80's when i was first introduced to Brooklyn? or early 90's When i found Queens [South Jamaica to be exact]2005 When I Found ME but lost HIM. I Dont know well f*ck it how about i start here.
I Remember when there was a time when diaries were personal and had "Do Not Touch", "Private", and "For My Eyes Only" signs on them but in this day and age the internet has taken over, and everything is done by computer. Shit some people cant even use the bathroom without walking past a camera plastering there image on a computer screen while some mall cop watches. Whatever tho, im still oldschool, a product of the 80's [i refuse to call myself a 80's baby]. And coming from NYC i got the gist of what the 80's was about.

**Yeah Im The Adorable Chick with the Pink Jumpsuit Pretty Hair And Barettes lol

Crack epidemic hit queens hard and i was personally affected by it. I know im supposed to be keeping it real, but some shit you dont release on the internet [NOT FOR FREE ANYWAY] and you know what. I think the crack epidemic is still going strong, just not as apparent as it used to be. I still see people nodding off in train stations, park benches, hell even rappers in interviews [Weezy f. Baby]
Shits Crazy, Oh well.

I dont mean to go off topic but right now im just talking to be typing.

WE MAY HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT. Thats not really far off topic, I say that because back in the 80's and early 90's i had no idea that we would ever see a legit black man worth voting for running for president. I say legit and worth voting for because he's not just some political clown ass n*gga running for president. He's a well educated man who believes that he can actually change the world, and doesnt even want his color to be a factor in our decision to vote. In the 80's would we have REALLY seen this, and dont say Jesse James, because All of Obama's kids are accounted for and very well his and his wife's. Shame on you Jesse.

AND NO!! I wont be voting for Barack Obama because he's black. Im voting for him because at least he says he wants to change something. Now Will He? Who knows but at least he offers us that hope, McCain On The Other Hand wants everything to stay the same, doesnt see an economic crisis and he picked the worst V.P. choice ever Sarah Palin ....I Feel Like the United States Of America and international Ambassadors, Presidents and Officials just got PUNK'D!!

[tho now that alot of financial institutions have gone bankrupt or is in need of aid from US the taxpayers he see's it]

Whatever tho its too late for him, attention media whores, both him and Palin. Im Going With Barack Obama, And Biden, who to me is probably more hood than Obama. I Really Like that Biden dude.

Well thats enough of me basically just talkin shit to kick this blog off, I'll be back soon with the real stuff. Probably after i eat.

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that picture of Sarah Palin and McCain should be there campaign picture. A matter of fact, I'm going to go get that picture blown up and post it on everything.



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