Am I The Only One Whose Happy

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....That Beyonce got caught finally?

So beyonce the one who everyone deemed an angel, a do-no-wrong type of woman, has finally gotten caught stealing credit for yet ANOTHER song first it was Kissing you, then Ne-Yo's song Listen which he wrote not her, and now poor little white girl BCJean's "If I Were A Boy".

SMH AT YOU!!! I Mean im not mad at her i just think its dirty how she's doing it. By trying to pay these people off. That's that "I got so much damn money i can steal what the fuck i want when the fuck i want because humans are so money hungry that they're going to take the money and shut the Fuck up" mentality.

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2 Schitzos Talking

See what happens when people put shit off to long. Damn she should have paid her a bit more lol

Courtesy of papa knowles greedy ass as well.

I like beyonce but is the writing game that crucial these days that we need to steal? With all the bullshit lyrics out there? ciara went down that "boy" road like last year anyway...we didnt really need beyonces stolen song!

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