How Does It Feel??

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It Feels Like SHIT knowing he went from THISPhotobucket



No More Brown Sugar? I Cant get high on THESE looks everyday. What happened? Why Me? Why You? Why Us? D' Angelo tell me this is photo shop, this ain't you hunny is it?

I Was hurt because my mind wanders so when i saw this i thought how awful marriage is. Yeah...marriage because i can marry a fine ass black man and a little later down the line i end up with ....well something looking similar to D'Angelo Post How does it feel era. I'm so upset. I never wanted to get married i figured i'd reconsider when i turned 25. Now i doubt i even consider reconsidering.


Im going to push that picture out of my head and remember the good ol' days

I remember when i felt some kind of way watching this. I remember looking around as if i was watching a dirty flick, to make sure no one else was watching, i remember my teenaged body getting hot just off the braids [when i thought braids were sexy] omg them lips.

**Dear fellas who read my blog I apologize. I am truly sorry....But take this as a lesson, please keep them abs tight that precise shape up [shape ups are so sexy] and them pretty teeth.**

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*shacking head*, my goodness! true talent and character gone completely to waist.

And I use to feel the same way about marriage. Now I don't, not completely. I figure I'll attract what I am automally, when it's all said and done. I don't know how or when, but I feel he'll be strategically handicrafted and designed by God given directly to me *smile*. I'm being hopeful, only God knows. Still not quite there (loving the thought of marriage) but as someone once told me, when the right person comes along...the love; it'll just be there; it'll appear like magic.
Again hopeful lol.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend gurl :o)

Hahahaha....I dont want to believe it..hahhahaha

lmao!!! I cant believe he changed that drastically!!!!! That is crazy..I wonder what he was eating!!!

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