Its Hard Out Here For A Pimp.

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** I have no idea if that's a woman so please don't think i posted tits on the site. I honestly think that's a man. I don't know, but whatever.

I'm walking through the mall right, so i walk up to my home boy named butterfly [he does some BOMB ass Makeup at the MAC counter where i used to buy my lip gloss from] From time to time I'll still buy some luster or lip glass from there because of a certain color that i want [beaux]. I've never really tried their make up because i don't wear make up and i would end up looking like bozo the clown trying to put that stuff on because i wouldn't know what i was doing. ANYWAY, so butterfly and I were sitting and conversing about how business was for him, he was saying how plenty of people come by to get there faces made up for free, BUT don't come back to buy anything. I'm like "damn butta its hard out here for a pimp ain't it?" He shook his head and asked me if i wanted my face done.

Anyway The economy has caused alot of us to NOT be able to do things that we used to do. Like that Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks [over priced ass coffee], or that book on the Philadelphia crime mob [damn i wanted that book so bad].

Its getting hard out here for a pimp...

What have you been putting back on the shelf or not purchasing because of the economy crisis?

Me personally, I'm a college student and like most college students I'm always broke LOL. If i had [alot of] money i'd be balling outta control buying stuff. Its like Kat Williams said :
"yall better buy yall some nice expensive sh*t before the depression actually does hit"
That's My kind of attitude.

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also a college student, thus i am always broke. but honestly, i don't skimp on the things that make me happy. i mean, i'm not an extravagant spender by any means, but i try to make sure that the state of the economy doesn't suck all the joy out of my life... "when all you've got is a penny, go get your shoes shined."

What bloggal said and btw thats a dude

Yeah i feel the same way but when it comes down to My Machiatto or My dinner...shit dinner wins.
i dont just senselessly buy stuff like i used to my first two years in college, and its not because i learned the value of a dollar because to me a dollar will always be 4 quarters [lmao] and nothing more, its because i know the economy is about to make my black ass pay my own tuition, after they snatch our loans and grants away.

@ Bloggal- good one!

I cut back on going "out".. to clubs, to dinner, movies etc. I can drink in my home with the music-besides im wifed up. I can cook my own food, and watch whatever redbox dvd I have or plain ol TV. If it cant be done at home them I will make exceptions. That can save $300 a month or more.

Man, I bought a damn Billionaire Boys Club shirt and everybody looks at me like I'm retarded when I tell them the price. I'm expecting my damn refund check, economic turmoil or not. Don't fucks with my money.

That picture is disgusting and I would've preferred to had not seen that. Ever.

@E-Rich, they dont know it yet but they better send me my damn refund check too ...and soon.

Im not pressed because im spoiled daddy gives me what i want and grandma gives me what i need. so BOTH are taken care of. But certain things you shouldnt have to ask them to pay for like .....idk Machiattos, books and shit.

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