I Love My City


Im a person whose easily frustrated as well as appreciative of the dysfunction of my city. Thats New York In case you didnt know. When you ask someone from New York City "Where Are You From?" they hardly ever say "Im From New York" no matter where they are. I can be in a mall in Atlanta Georgia, a beach in florida, or even a market in Alabama, if they pick up on the accent and ask me where im from i simply and proudly reply "Brooklyn". Thats the funny thing about our city and we are SO COCKY!. Dont let anyone try to talk bad about "Our City". We say it as if it righteously belongs to us, we are the proud owners of a city that we can never really have that wont ever really be ours. We're just simply the inhabitants, but ....its still "Our City". When i was living in NY and i was just graduating from highschool i thought i was miserable and fed up with the city and i wanted to get away, as far away as possible until i actually went away and realized the things that i hated the most about NY was the things i missed the most. I hated to wait for that damn J train once school was out,

and actually getting on a bus that wasnt crowded FUGGHETABOUTIT!! You had to stand while the lady behind you pressed her purse into your back so that she could hold on and not fall as the busdriver hit the breaks so hard everyone would move forward with such force. I miss it now. I hated the crowded downtown Brooklyn area and the Crowded Jamaica Ave. and the people always staring as if you did something to them, the reggae music blaring from what we affectionately named "The Colliseum Block" which was really 165th street and Jamaica Ave.

I Miss the reggae the hustle and bustle now, i miss the crowdedness the people, the blacks, the whites, the puertoricans, dominicans, and mexicans. I miss the fast walking and even faster talking. You know what else i hated, the noises in the night "yooooo Sonnn!!" people would yell outside my window and the police sirens blaring through the streets as i tried my damn hardest to sleep, lets not forget that GOT-DAMN Long Island Railroad which used to pass right past my house making so much noise it shook my house. Now i hear crickets and see animals like deer, things i dont see unless im in the zoo!! Possums and raccons and .....no... wait!! Where the hell are the rats? Well NY thats one thing i DONT miss, them rats the size of full grown kitty cats. I miss the Bodega the Salsa The Merengue The Spanish people yelling "Mami Mami, Mira Mira, Conyoooooo" I Miss It So Much. I Miss the chicken spot and harassment from the cops. I miss watching the drug dealers not be so secretive about what they were doing. I miss seeing people ...all the time at everytime, you know we live in the city that NEVER SLEEPS.
I miss it soo much i miss the bums asking for money trying to solicit me to pay for their drug and alcohol addictions. I miss offering them food instead of cash and the funny look they would give me, you see i used to hate it. I miss tall buildings and playing tag in the projects. I miss having neighbors who are actually NEXT DOOR not "about a mile on down the road". I love wal-mart, i do .... but i just want to be able to walk out my door at 1 in the morning and go to the corner store owned by papi or the arabian guy, for a bag of potato chips and something to drink. I miss never having to go far, trains, metrocards,


buses, street lights, cop sirens, bodegas, different races, kinds, and religions of people, The daily news, The post, looking at the posters on the train over and over again just to avoid eye contact with the person sitting in front of you on the train, the crowds, the people, the music, the buildings, the closeness, the rudeness, the fast pace, Hot 97, Power 105, Funkmaster Flex AND HIS BOMBS!!! Channel 1 news and the "weather on the 1's". I Miss It The Dysfunction the craziness the chaoticness. I Love My City

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1 Schitzos Talking

omg im with you on this blog completely. im from brooklyn and go to school in atl and i miss ny everyday. all the differences lol.

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