Pre-Mentrual Stress [the poem]

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OMG ...I Hate The soreness In My Breast
And Every Month I Feel My Mood "Swinging Over To The Left"
Its What The Medical World Calls PMS
So First Theres The Cramps, the Bloating, The Anger
Driving Down 85 Flipping Everyone The Middle ...Fanga [yes i said fanga]
F*ck You ..Because You Drive To Slow And You Because You Drive To Fast
F*ck You ...because I'm Angry And You wont let me Pass!!!
F*ck You And Your Dirty Looks
F*ck School And these "Damn That Cost More Than 130 dollas?" Books...
I Hate You For Being Black And You For Being White
You For Being Dark ..Oooohhh I Cant Stand You For Being Light
So What If I'm Light That's Not The Point I'm Annoyed And There Goes That Cramp Again
Wait For It ....Wait For It ...Mood Switches ..I Need A Hug And A Friend
My Life's So Messed Up And No One Loves Me
My Boyfriend Doesn't Wanna Sit All Day And Hug Me
I'm So Sad And My Clothes Wont Fit
DAMMIT I'm Getting Fat Because Of This PMS Bloating Shit
My Tummy Hurts I Wanna Cry
Ughh I Hate This Why Why WHyyyy?
Well Anger Comes Back As Sadness Subsides
And Then I'm Happy And Chipper Inside
Then There Goes The Cramps And Shit That make Me Wanna Scream
All This Shit And I Didn't Begin To BLEED???
Fellas Ignore Us And Sometimes The Things We Say Should Be Excused
We Girls Sometimes Suffer... From The PMS Blues....

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2 Schitzos Talking

*smile followed with a shaking of the head* "We Girls Sometimes Suffer... From The PMS Blues...." so true.

I've learned that asking a girl if she's PMSing is a no-no, even if she is. It's offensive if it isn't, and she's going to be pissed anyway if she is.

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