I've Always Wanted To Do This

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DONT LIE, you did too. I have always wanted to buy everything on the dollar menu and i always wanted to tape my drive thru encounters...he did both, and he did it first, damn you and your below NY minimum wage!

Its 6 AM so i started my day off GREAT with this video

" $7.47?!!, Oh sh*t, its nothing though, i make $7.63 a hour dude, thats like one hour of work."



LMAOOOO Ok Im Going Back To Sleep Now!!

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5 Schitzos Talking



Lmaooooooooooo!!!!!!! Dude was so serious! I could not really even understand dude and his accent. Smh @ that slang, lmao. Hilarious girl. I do kinda want a parfait now though.

This nigga order everything on the dollar menu. WOW.

THAT NIGGA IS BALLING! DATS MA HERO!!!!11!!11! lol @ "a.k.a known as". I'm a grammar/English nerd, so that was funny to me.

Lol that was funny...he talkin bout the guy being too happy to be working at mcdonalds lol he seems too excited to be makin $7.63 an hour

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