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None other than me.

So me and Dee Vazquez from hot 97 were in a conversation on new rappers and who's next to blow and the internet's effect on hip hop ....
I know what my opinions are and we can debate AFTER i get yours

Question # 1 - Who do you think is the next rapper to blow? Asher Roth, Mickey factz, Cory Gunz, Nipsey Hussle, Joell Ortiz, Uncle Murder, Blu, Wale, Ace Hood, Charles Hamilton? Or any one who i DIDNT name for that matter.....

Question 2 - Do you think interent rappers hold the same credibilty as street rappers?

Question 3 - Whose in YOUR Top Ten Hip Hop Freshmen List?

You may not agree with me but i chose Cory Gunz As Next To Blow Along With Ace Hood and Mickey factz Among Others...I Have My Reasons....

I Just realized how african my color theme was, very Kunta Kinte

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3 Schitzos Talking

1.) Mainstreamly out of that list? Unfortunately Ace Hood, Wale could (repping that DMV), and Mickey Factz. I really think Joell Ortiz is a fucking beast. I hope dude gets the break he deserves. Blu could go mainstream, I mean he did have best album of 2007. Charles is dope too but his wierdness might throw people off guard. I want to hear some actual songs from Cory Gunz but far as mixtape material go he could crush the scene with those freestyles.

2.)I'm honestly not really looking forward to alot in 09. Well not right now atleast. I want to hear Charles album, hope Ortiz sees a release, maybe MF DOOM, Ghostface, Method Man hopefully. I lied, I can't wait for Joe Budden shit to drop.

3.)Internet rappers have more respect than Mainstream rappers. I have a few internet rappers I like such as Holocaust/Warcloud, Bronze Nazareth, Mickey Factz, and a couple other. Those dudes will always have my support were as in mainstream its hit or miss. Come to think about it the mainstream ain't really as loyal as the underground.

Mainstream SUCKS as of now. I am A LOYAL Die Hard Jay-Z fan and NO ONE can change that though they have tried since i was like 9 or ten [yes that long] BUT he's not really doing anything for me right now. I get excited about every song he drops [except jockin jay-z] and then the excitement goes away in a couple of weeks. And I Want Joe Buddens....oh and his album lol. He's Like my new Jay-Z [not to be compared musically only to be compared by my love for his music]

Yeah Joey is dope. I remember I got picked on for liking "Pump It Up" lol. I couldn't tell you who's really mainstream now though, I can't remember the last time I turned on a radio.

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