Would You Hit This?

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OK so i was on a blog where the guy asks if fellas would give a different model the penis....and well. Im copying that but with a twist.

Would you bang this model?


Well I dont know about you but i wouldn't, even if its a dude....
Did i let that slip? yes thats a fucking he-man. Batteries not included, accessories such as the wig and dress are...oh and lets not forget the penis, yes penis included.

Fellas please be careful and do not fall victim to this injustice on you.

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4 Schitzos Talking

Well your suppose to atleast touch what your about to get into before you get into it. But I'm not into skinny white women so even if it did trick me, would be interested. On another note, if I found out it was a man, I'd probably knock it the fuck out

Yeah, I'd totally hit that. With a sledgehammer.

Oh, yeah, and shit. My girlfriend totally got pissed off at these to trannies that were eyeballing me in a McDonalds. One of them were all staring in my face and it made me extra uncomfortable.

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