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Dear Mr. Andy's Supervisor From T-Mobile,
CLEARLY you have me fucked up, you must not know that Im a G, I dont play when it comes to My phone you guys can either send me a new phone or i can get a group of "Goons" to come take one for me from your nearest T-Mobile retail store. The choice is yours.

Dear Roommate,
You got me fucked up, you must not know that you dont touch my fucking orange juice. Since you dont understand i took it upon myself to take your last honey bun....Biatch!

Dear Professor Bennette,
I hope you dont read my blog, but in case you do i would like you to know that you got me fucked up, i dont give a fuck about your class or this 7 page paper, but because im trying to get ALL A's this semester i will do it. BUT you got me fucked up if you think im coming to your class this week. I'll see you on friday

Dear AIM friends,
Im currently blocking and deleting you as i type this. I hate you all

Dear Menstrual Cycle,
YOU HAVE ME FUCKED UP if you think that i wont get super high off of tylenols with codeine to suppress the cramps that your shooting through my body. I cant take this so i'll be on cloud nine as soooonnnnnn as this codeine kicks in

Dear ASU Vending Machines
YOU GOT ME FUCKED UP, and thats why one of you got beat up today and instead of one pack of M&M's i got 4 and a free fucking Fanta....How You Like Me Now?

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10 Schitzos Talking

gurl. your ass is so damn crazy.. i was feeling you on that whole damn Tmobile shit. because they be trippin. you might wanna go get ya goons miha.

Too funny! Let it out girl!

yeah, yeah... tell em why you mad son!!!

Damn you on some mad rapper D-Dot shit lol. I'm glad I didn't add you on aim. I blame the menstrual cycle for your problems though.

I'm glad I didn't add you on aim yet. I need to do one of these for my West African History professor. I hate that bitch.

sounds like someone needs a blackberry!

but seriously, if u got a verizon one u wouldn't regret it

lmfao!!! I love this its like a poem/reality/humor type it!!

check my chapters out from my book..
I post about 2 chapters a week!

U r 2 funny lol

lol thanks for the laugh. U think you can write one of these to all 6 of my professors this semester? lol

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