John McCain Aint So Bad

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Now That The Obama hype is somewhat trickling down and I've had time to remember and reflect back on this election i came to the conclusion that John McCain wasn't such a bad guy. I also think he would have been a much better president than BUSH was.

I watched McCain's concession speech and i realized at that moment that he lost this election not only because Obama was deemed the better man, but also because the media made him the bad guy. I actually teared up because i saw a very endearing MAN, HUMAN BEING giving a speech. If people could get past their stanning for Barack Obama they would probably see it too. I KNOW I KNOW my pro-black readers who already thought he was a racist are like, what do you mean?

Have you ever heard McCain say anything racist? I actually always hear him commend Obama, on breaking barriers. People are going to bring up the "That One" incident. In all reality that wasn't racist, that was him showing in a not so conservative way how much he disagreed with some of Barack Obama's intended policies and voting record, or lack there of.

I watched his speech again today and realized that in all reality Obama NEVER WAS the underdog. It was ALWAYS John McCain who was the underdog. He lost money during the primary and almost had to drop out. He then had to make a comeback some how and he did. He struggled more than Obama has during this entire election. The media ripped him a new asshole all through the election, and handled Obama with white satin gloves, being careful of what they said at all times.

JOHN McCAIN i must say you did a good job - (except for when you chose your running mate) - and had you distanced your self from BUSH enough it probably wouldn't have been such a landslide.

MY READERS don't get this twisted, i always supported and still support Barack Obama, and i voted for Barack Obama, and i Believed Obama was the better candidate, I'm just saying ....McCain isn't as bad as the media and other PRO-BLACK people would want us to believe.



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You know what? Me and my mother were saying the same thing during his final speech. Even when his supporters tried to boo Obama, he stopped them and again commended Obama on such a great job he did. I most def. would've been a better President than Bush. I agree, he ain't too bad. I'm not mad at cha girl.

I never thought he was a bad candidate. Only thing he did that pissed me off was not looking Obama in the eyes during one of their debates, I didn't like that shit at all. Other than that I thought he was gonna focus on the war too much during his term. But McCain would have done a decent job if he was president. Shit anyone can be decent after Bush lol

Props for respecting McCain, you know I agreed with him when it came to economic policies and tax issues because I think capital gains should remain at 15% and any increase would spur investment..

With that said, he didn't run as good a campaign and he didn't focus on his stronger points whereas Barack did both.

I'm pumped a lot of people came out to vote this time too, and the better candidate and leader won.

Giving the Maverick some credit are we? Well, I'll go along for this ride... McCain ain't so bad at all. I mean, after all, he is a human being first and a politician second. Its not him personally that I dislike, its his tactics that I can't respect.

He endured a lot of pain for this country... a lot more pain than I would ever subject myself to for America. But, does that make him ready to be President? I don't think so.

His concession speech was very sincere. I'm just glad that he didn't let Palin talk. lol.

You are one brave gal for writing this one! lol (watch your back) LMAO just kidding.

But yea the speech did make me think wow, not bad. It was mature and he looked genuinely annoyed when his supporters "booed" Obama’s name every time he mentioned it…. To the point where they wouldn’t let he finish the speech (he was clearly trying to get over with). Either way he swallowed the pride that we thought he couldn't.

Thanks for the comment! ;-) I wrote back. Glad we can relate.

Yea, I guess I can give McCain his props for going out gracefully. Thank God they didn't let Palin do her speech lol.

im happy you wrote this...hehe i was going too but good..I feel the same way i never thought really bad of mccain. i do feel he would have been better than bush but alot would have..i only felt bad for him bc i think he felt like damnnn why i gotta run against the 1st black man running for presidents..there goes half my was a tough situation..and he took it like a man,,i never had any terrible negative things about him at all...well i am happy with our choise..just dont like how some black are taking it...kinda ignorant...god bless...latas

My co-worker was saying this the other day and my boss almost had a stroke! lol But yea the media will do that :( I think he shot himself in the foot though when he picked Pain that was just a no no lol

I kinda figured, but he's Republican so he gets a thumbs down. Maybe next time.

I guess u r right...oh well..

I agree with you whole heartedly. The John Mccain seen and heard during the campaign was not the same man from 10 yrs ago. He really was a "Maverick" at one point in his political career with most of his views being seen as liberal . He fell short due to his campaign not focusing on the facts more so than mudslinging and the Palin thing didn't really help much either.

I very much agree with you. I think he lost control of his campaign and he let the people who ran it, take over.

I don't know so much about being a great president...but he seems like a nice enough guy :)

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