Anna Sui Is The BOMB!

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I Guess It's Obvious That Im Shopping Online and looking for new stores to visit for the holiday especially since theres so much stuff i want and i always revamp my style at the beginning of a new year. Well I Want These. BAD. I know i cant wear them until it gets kind of warm outside but im in school in the south and that warm day may be coming sooner than i think. ANYWHO I Love These Ladies .....Dont You???

Ana Sui Pretty Pink Sandals Spring/Summer 09'

Via High Snobette

Our regularly Scheduled Posts are coming soon because i know fellas dont give two f*cks about no sandals and i gotta try to entertain them. I think i have an idea

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I couldn't do it, but I could see a bad ass lady in them. Get em' girl!

Girl....I'd walk my sexy ass in them!!!!

Shit, work in them 2!!!:)

lmfao! Reggie just made my day. Anyways, I don't think I could see myself in those. If they're not 4 inch I feel like i'm a fake and a phony. I have some serious issues.

Send me a pair when you finish with them...Shit, I could stunt on all these hoes.....

Loves ya, Super!!!:)

I LOVE the detail, but I just don't like the shoe :(

@Amanda Allison

Alot of people dont like the shoe. Its a bohemian thing to like it Ana Sui is like the queen of bohemian made stuff.

I could see me rocking these but something tells me these would look so much flyer if the sandals weren't a mixture between sandal and Boots (I Mean closed toe they would have been hotter)

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