Emotional Cheating VS. Physical Cheating


I was asked this before.... Would you rather for a guy to cheat on you physically or emotionally.

My Answer - "Neither One"

I think the emotional cheating hurts more, however I was told and came to the realization that you cant blame a guy for how he feels emotionally. He's just a man (Starts singing Beyonce but your just a boyyyy). I also want to say that i think its easier for a female to forgive physical cheating because we know that men can have sex without having feelings or emotions for the chick that they're having sex with. Women are just forgiving even though they don't forget and do have the tendency to continuously throw your infidelities in your face (OVER AND OVER AGAIN, ladies we need to cut this out, you either forgive him or you don't).

I also think that men think that the physical cheating is worse because:
1. That makes them look bad, like they aren't handling their business.
2. they know that females connect sex with emotions so she's doing both, emotionally and physically cheating
3. I Don't know a Number 3 but fellas you can help me out here, why is physical cheating worse than emotional cheating and if you don't believe that tell me why you think otherwise (If you want to)

WELL If your in this situation or just want to know about this situation i found these clips on youtube (VERY INTERESTING) that you should watch they're only 3 minutes long a piece (Because somebody said something like they didn't want to watch a video i posted because it was 20 minutes long =/...)

Part 1

Part 2

Points that i found the most interesting:

Emotional Cheating
People cant always help the way they feel emotionally, you can only cheat on someone who you are TRULY DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH is if your TRULY AND DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH SOME ONE ELSE. If not then its just a crush which isn't a hard situation to get over. (My Future husband will never make me stop loving Denzel Washington and Morris Chestnut, but i wont cheat physically but emotionally.....hmm)


They say you cant love two people at 1 time however i think its possible. You can emotionally cheat on someone you love.

HOW? Because you can love two different people for two different reasons. Maybe your lover is fulfilling your life in a way that your husband/wife ISN'T.. Maybe your husband/wife fulfills you in a way that your lover CANT.

EMOTIONAL INFIDELITY: do i leave or do i stay

Well the guy says that its not about how they feel about the person it's more about how they act on those feelings. A Person can be emotionally in love with a person but decides not to act on it physically. If your husband/wife is emotionally in love with someone else but decides not to act on it physically you have to trust them not to (If it's a person that they are constantly around like a co-worker, neighbor, or something like that)

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I'd have to say emotional cheating is wayyy worse than physical cheating. When a man has an emotional connection with another woman other than yourself, part of him is attached to her. It's harder to let go of someone when you've made an emotional/spiritual connection with another individual. Awesome blog post!!

you're so dead on with this post . So my boyfriend asked me this question maybe 3 years ago, and at that tume I had no connection with the question, but being with him & seeing the way that physical cheating feels... ugh it's the worst . it is the absolute worst !

I love this blog .you're posts are always relevant to my life !

* I wrote tume but I meant time .
you know my screen is cracked & I can't see . lol

I would be so upset that someone was emotionally and physically cheating on me because, that means that they were going out looking for someone else if they did either one. That makes me think back on my self like, why wasn't I enough? I think both really messes up a persons self esteem. I don't think I would be able to forgive or trust a person who did either on me.

Good blog shenda.

this is a hard topic but i think they are both equally bad!

i can go on and on..cuz i have had this convo plenty of times..but to me i'd rather just be single rather than my man do either..

i dont think anybody can truely know how either feels unless they've been in a situation where both has happened to them..and in past cases..its happened to me and i'll just say..neither is a good thing at all..

I agree...nether one is less hurtful than the other...

It's the same ether way around...:(

Emotional cheating is the worst..nothing like feeling as though your not the only person he loves. I wouldn't want either but the hardest to get over would be the emotional.

yea i'd have to say emotionally cheating is way worse for woman to deal with.. guys dont always connect with someone emotionally but will easily physically; so if they do make that connection and connect "emotionally"; smh; its a wrap :(

They are both equally bad.

I don't know about a number three as to why guys hate physical cheating. I know the thought of another man sticking his penis in my woman is infuriating. Dead ass. Me and my brother were straight going to jump a nigga a few months ago, but it was a misunderstanding.

That's a tough subject for me.
I want to say that Physical cheating is worse because... Just knowing your boyfriend and/or girlfriend was "with" someone else just makes your skin crawl.

But to also know that you're boyfriend and/or girlfriend mentally cheats, is definitely a low blow.

I seriously cant define which on is worse, both are equally painful.

But the points that were made in the videos made a lot of sense.
I guess if I had to choose one, I'd pick the mental-cheating. Just because I would never know, unless he told me. Yanno??

Grrrr, that's a confusing topic!
Makes for an interesting blog though :) ...Keep'em coming!

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