Inda-Lo Shan-Dalah MY ASS I Want My Motherfucking Change


This little boy reminds me of my little brother so much. I don't want nobody to get on here and get all politically correct and shit. I know he cussing and he shouldn't be but just take it for what it is ...comedy.

I Know its old as hell but i wanted to point out some of my favorite moments LMAO. PLUS i know if any of my readers are sad today they wont be after watching this even if they seen it already.

My Favorite Quotes:

Little Boy

"I Gave You twenty motherfuckin Dollas"

"You know whats the thing about you chinese mother fuckers?"

I Aint gonna sit here and argue with your flat ass face homegirl

Homegirl dont be talking that Chinese shit over here THIS IS AMERICA

I Will Blow this mother fucker up if i don't get my mother fucking change.

Homegirl talk english NOT this JAPANESE SHIT

"Gimme My F*cking change i aint playin witchu!"

Chinese Lady

"Chinese!!, Me No Chinese me Japanese hongyoyayo"

"Home Boy GO HOMEE!"


"Neeeggga Go Homeee, go hommmeeee"

"Talka To di Hannnddd"

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7 Schitzos Talking

Lmao I remember this one..

"Homegirl dont be talking that Chinese shit over here THIS IS AMERICA"

Shorty got a lil' mouth on him, haha

I just pray my kids don't get my mouth.

lol i remember this..i used to watch it over and over and

Damn, I forgot all about this video! Its the business. It reminds me of my little cousin so bad. lmao

lol i´ve never seen this video.I don´t wanna know how he will be in 3 or 4 years...

Haha, damn. I had forgotten about this video. Never gets old, instant classic!


lol that shit is funny, I never saw that before thanks for sharing.

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