Hmmm OK! So Im Not going to jail.


"Bitches Get what they deserve, Sisters get respect" --
Jay-Z (Bicthes and Sisters)

So the little insecure female (For lack of wanting to use other profane language) who was calling my phone is an idiot. I almost had a ghetto moment but thats not me, i've stopped engaging in situations like that after my 15th birthday.

So i know you guys want to know what happened because it's human nature....

SO the female who called my phone was asking about a guy who had my number in his phone from the summer. We weren't talking or anything like that we were just really cool people and we liked doing cultural stuff and had great conversations. we went to a museum like once, there was noooooo feelings in between us WHAT-SO-EVER. I would like to believe that the feeling was mutual. Though things were this way ....she felt threatened by the mere fact that a number with a females name saved with it was in her "Man's" phone.

She called and made all kinds of threatening statements about how she would kill me and i better stay away from her man and blah blah blah.

ME - ....I was studying so i just hung the hell up and cracked my book back open to page 598.

HER - .... she didnt feel like she had gotten all of her insecurities out over the phone so she continuously called and called and called. I finally picked up when i got to page 604.

ME- "Hello, I'd appreciate it if you would stop calling my phone, i do not know you and i have no idea how you got this number but i can assure you that im not messing with your boyfriend because i dont talk to ANYONE"

HER " Dont be tryna talk that fly shit to me bitch, look you need to stop fucking calling ______ because if you call him again bitch its a wrap"

ME - "Well if you feel that way then...."
thinks to myself:
she has one more time to call me out of my name,she said bitch twice and thats alot more than i allow some random female to call me before i slap her.


ME - "Are you done yet?"

HER - "Bitch i aint done with you yet"

ME - "OK well im done with you" (CLICK)


I turned my phone off went and got in the shower so that i could go to this gathering of people off campus. I get out the shower and BAM!!! More random empty ass threats on my voicemail. SERIOUSLY??? MY VOICEMAIL??? SMH I got mad and My alter ego Brooke almost came out on her ass but i counted to ten and called my grandmother and started talking politics and current events with her and discussing my return home and who would be at laguardia to pick me up when i got there.

SMH Life is too short for grown people to be doing the stuff that they do. Why do females call other females phones? Why not check with "Your man" first? Because you dont want him to know how insecure you are? Well guess what...he's going to know because im going to call him tonight and tell him to restrain his fucking mutt!!! - (Wait Brooke... watch your mouth)

I Mean Im Going To politely ask him to ask his significant other to stop calling my cell phone number..... especially before 9pm. (Recession, Recession)

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18 Schitzos Talking

You should give me her number. It's entertaining to be an asshole every once and a while. It's unfortunate she's so afraid of her "man" cheating on her that she has to call a female she suspects of helping him do so and make idle threats. From a male perspective, women do some bizarre shit.

haha classic .
I'm glad you didn't show her your
alter ego !

hahah; get her girl. that's how to do it, be the bigger and better person. jes shows how insecure and childish she is. smh; grow up ladies nd check ya man not the other woman!

SMH... He does need to check that so Brooke doesnt have to. Its not worth it for Brooke.

I have to say that you handled the situation like a "Real Woman", but sometimes you do have to pull your ghetto persona out of your left pocket to get them types of females to check themselves.

same thing happened to me over the summer. lets just say she didnt sleep well that night.


"I Mean Im Going To politely ask him to ask his significant other to stop calling my cell phone number"

LOL Well you're definitely being the bigger person..

I haven't had to deal with ignorance like this in a long time. I used to wild out and get all emotional but, like you said, it's not worth it at all.

I'm too grown for that type of bullshit.

What E-Rich.

Nice to see you were able to calm yourself tho

Blog Was Crazy! This Bit...I Mean Unstable Female [Baby Boy] Obviously Needs To Chill The Fuck Out With That Bullshit She Bringing You And Go Holla At Dude Cause Quite Frankly, Them Type Of Girls Need To Be Shot [Not Really..Well Yeah. She Should.]

aww..i'm sad that i wasn't hear to see this first person like you...haha!

Oh, I didn't clarify myself. I tend to do that. I meant give me her number so I can bother her and call her a lot. Ooh, I know, I can act gay and tell her to tell her man to stop calling me. Give me his name and I swear it'll be worth it.

L M A O @ E-Rich!!!!

Mwahahahahaha!!! That would be like the ultimate prank ...
OMG me and you need to get together (Via the phone or some shit) around sayyy.....April Fools day???

I used to call people and pretend that i was a lady from the clinic telling them they have herpes.

WOMEN!!!,,hmmhmm,no offense

lmao...all i'ma say is you're better than me...

TAG* - YOUR IT !!!

check my blog for the post

if u didnt get tagged already lolz

haha , girl honestly ... I wasn't I forgot you wrote that in there, although when I saw it , I was like "ooohhh geesh" lol

Hell yeah we should do that for April Fool's! That's two days from my birthday!



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