No Homo/ Pause


Wanna Know What I Think?

That Dude is gay for even sending you some kind of comment or message. Point Blank Period!!!! Mwahahaha

I Have a question.
Should a girl who calls a gay guy who acts like a girl, dresses like a girl, and talks like a girl cute ....say NO HOMO after she calls him cute?? ....LOL Im Just Sayin


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Lol, dude is cute. You know that shit kills me too though. I get comments from "straight girls" all the time like that. "Man Mica, if I was gay you could have me, NO HOMO". WTF IS THAT?!! That had HOMO written all over hit. I blame Lil' Wayne, like I do for everything else. That's like me telling a dude, mannnnn if I wasn't gay, I'd be all over your ass, NO HETERO. Gtfo!

did u see his other videos as a boy?? he a cute boy...but oh well he gay as hell lolz

LMAO@ No Hetero

@shebangz i seen him all over the net he's a funny guy very interesting and Yeah @She w0rd hustles he is cute....No...Homo/hetero???

whatever man ohhh snap i blame lil wayne for everything too. i thought i was the only one...

This nigga gay ass hell. I'll continue my "No Homo" shit. But I've never (and never will) tell another dude, in a non joking manner, that he has a banging ass body and I'd would fuck him if he was a girl (i threw up a bit typing that) because thats touching the line

haha, good question .
I have a question tho , what in the hell is he wearing ?? Gay people amaze me with the stuff they wear some times, cuz that outfit isn't imitating any girl, woman, lady etc. that I know.
haha this was a good post .
ole' boy who left the comment was gay,
he thought he could get away with it .

I blame Cam'Ron cuz he is the one who started saying that shit first ! ... well at least that's the first time I heard it

@ill;kinda cam started with it but i blame weezy for exploiting it and making gay shit ok

duffle bag = gay (Pocket book nigggaaa)

i like to call it the thuggafication of homosexuality

First off, this nigga made me uncomfortable with them tight ass clothes.

Now, I agree, that guy is gay as hell. I'm sure that the dude was hitting on him and seeing what he would say. Chances are homeboy was DL(and doing a bad job at hiding it) and was trying to book dude.

No, girls don't have to say no homo after complementing a gay guy that dresses like a girl because fact of the matter is he has a dick. There are some gay guys that take the whole acting like a female thing seriously though. I know one gay dude who gets offended when you ask him if he kisses girls or ever thought about being with a girl and he says "I don't do dyking", which I think is hilarious.

I, personally, don't use the phrase no homo. I do, at times, use the phrase "pause" because it's funny though. The way I feel is that if I say some shit and you know what I'm talking about and you know I'm not gay, then why the fuck should I have to clarify that I'm not saying something gay? Nigga, you know I like girls, so why should I have to remind you? If I say "Yeah, I dug in that nigga in Tekken", through your knowledge of slang, you should know I meant "I kicked his ass". If you're the one thinking of me having sex with a guy, maybe you're the one that should say "no homo".

And yes, Lil Wayne is quite homo. Men DO NOT get Marilyn Monroe's(the little piercing) unless they be doing the fellatio thing.

Jesus, I sure have been typing a lot tonight.

wow lmao sometimes reading people comments its like another funny story~!!!! xoxo

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