OK SOOOO I Slacked a tad bit. But Absence makes the heart grow ....blah whatever that saying is what i wanna know is do you guys miss me?

Anyway i have no privacy, im going crazy, im allergic to something i dont know what it is and i'll be blogging soon.

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8 Schitzos Talking

umm..i'll go on record and say that yeah we miss ya lol...i know how it is not having privacy which is why most of the posts that i do are done from my phone..ughhh lol..anywho, hope all is well with ya and cant wait until you're back in full effect with the blog..feel better from your allergies too [= lol

I missed you, twin!!!!:)

You know I need your foolery!!!!:)

I feel ya...i have bloggers block i aint got shit to data entry about

Feel better. Of course we miss you. Have a happy New Year if we dont chat. Toodles

YES WE MISS YOU!!!! we feel neglected!!!!!! i know i do. where you been at gurl? anyway i hope you feel better..miha..

Hell yeah we missed you, although I miss everything because I'm still computerless.

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