DEAR DIARY: Relationships Are Never A Threat....

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"Relationships are never a threat/'cause I'll Erase the history and act like we never met."

--Joe Budden - Dear Diary (Mood Muzik)

How Hot is it that This Dear Diary's Quote is The Name Of A Joe Budden Song Called Dear Diary?

This quote means alot to me, I will say i've had my share of heartbreaks. Its sad when you can fall so hard for someone where you start believing their lies. Its sad when you Can Love so hard, and show and express that love non-stop, You can be down for that someone and they can turn around and treat you like their worst enemy. Whats even sadder is when that person who was dealt the fucked up hand no longer cares, no longer believes in love, no longer believes in the fundamentals of a relationship and gives up on trying. That's sad as well.

Well i been through alot emotionally with the whole dating thing and I've gotten to the point where i get over things quickly. Friendships mean alot to me but when a friend of many years does something that i think is wrong i don't care about cutting them off. Relationships are never a threat, Meaning even if someone threatened me with not talking to me, breaking up with me, or something else, i don't feel threatened, fuck it don't talk to me. I'll erase the history and act like we never met, I WONT CARE. I'll pretend just like i don't know you, walk past you in the streets, ignore phone calls like its nothing.

I was never like this before i was always very forgiving..

This has also affected how i date: I don't take ANYTHING most guys say serious I do something to make them go away because i don't want to date them, I think ALL RELATIONSHIPS come to an end, Divorce, break up, friendship, WHATEVER. Same Goes For Jay..... I said i would but I Don't Even want to talk about the whole "Hiding A Girl In His Room" Incident. She's a dumb girl in the house peeking out the window while he talks to his ex... she doesn't feel kinda disrespected? Whatever i don't know. He's silly for hiding her in the house thinking i cared and would go off. WHY WOULD I? I'm over it. I will say that some guys think that girls just CANT get over them. You can be over it, So over it that you opted out of your feelings for a friendship.

Something I Realized, Friendships don't work with Ex's. NO EX can be your friend. It doesn't matter that I Have Known Him, and dated him for years. NOPE, some people aren't fit to be in your life but for some odd reason theirs an invisible force that makes them impossible to get rid of.

WHY? I don't know, I just know that he's here and it feels like he's not going away. I do however feel that we wont ever go back.


Some of you know how i feel about Cops Killing Citizens, Some of you may not. I think its terrible and I'm angry just like alot of other people are however all the bullshit about "NYers Aint do shit when Sean Bell Got Killed But Us West Coast People Don't Play That Shit" Needs To STOP

Come to a complete HALT.

DON'T GET ME WRONG. I will never down a coast because frankly i don't care, who the hell am i to do that and why should i care to do it what will i gain? NOTHING. With that being said i want you all to know that NO we did NOT go into our own communities like the people in Oakland are doing and fuck our own shit up. They go into the neighborhoods where they live or where other minorities Live and set things on fire etc.

Now when your neighborhood is burned down and you've burned down the property of innocent people, and you have ruined black owned businesses, and you end up in jail WHAT HAVE YOU ACCOMPLISHED?

Bottom line is Not even Malcolm X could get away with his By Any Means Necessary Quote, and eventually he Educated himself. When black people educate themselves and play the game like these people do maybe we'll get somewhere. Stop choosing to be ignorant and proving white people right. With That Being said KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. I mean that shit is in text books, Library books, Encyclopedia's and other places OPEN A BOOK THIS YEAR. Thank you.

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Joe is my favorite rapper, but he is liar. That girl that is in all his videos went and had sex with fabolous and he took her back.

Myself I care too much and could never just erase the history.

im more like i care about my friends and i will hurt if our friendship ends(the recent incident) but i've grown and learned u can NOT trust everyone..even if u want to!

i've been through SOOOO much as far as relationships is hard..loving is even harder but once u let go then you can definately move on..true love really does exist..i think everyone deserves to be happy and share that happiness with a significant other..what keeps my faith alive is my grandparents have been married for 56yrs..and my grandmother STILL gets butterflies when she see's my gp..sounds corny but thats love!

and i completely agree with the whole riot thing..its just ridiculous..but shit the bay was fkn up when they started them damn side shows..(thats where ghost ride the whip came from)

(raises his hand)-"I disagree, I think ex's can be friends, NOT all, but they can"

@Miss Fortune ...I Have NO IDEA what ghost riding the whip is LOL
And as far as friendships i know what your saying but this is something new and i have NO IDEA where it came from or why i just dont care anymore and it SCARES ME

And @ Jervis the ex thats your friend is probably from Junior High ...LOL But when your older and its a real relationship usually the friendships tend to NOT work

1.) Joe Budden quote, on point
2.) Your right about the Oscar Grant situation
3.) Your right about the ex shit too

I had to go through extreme lengths to get rid of my exes (I didnt kill them but we couldnt be friends) I cant be friends with my exes it never worked though I wanted to. Like you said they always thought I was talking to them just because my man and I were fighting and or I wanted them back---HELL NO!

I cut my friends of when I get mad...then regret that shit because I spaz so much to the point they hate me for it. In my head I think I should be friends with everyone and everyone is GOING to be a good friend to me. I am still looking for that one friend that is my ace.

this has nada to do twith this post, but THANK YOOOU !!

i have 3 dresses by jessica mclintock... they dont pop like betsey though! :)

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