Dear Diary,


"Just cause I Love You, And You Love Me, That doesn't mean that we're meant to be"

--Jazmine Sullivan (Lions, Tigers, And Bears)

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11 Schitzos Talking


"I'm not sure (no), I'm not sure (no....."

i am raising both hands to this cuz i feel it sooo much

girrrllll i can relate to that line sooo much right now....thats some real shit

Long as she's off that busting windows out of the car shit but that quote is true

yup..pretty much nuff said rii?

awh i love this song; and this quote from it!!

I LOVE THIS SONG! I'm gonna go listen to it right now. And Floetry. I'm gonna listen to some Floetry.

@E-Rich you should listen to the remix. i just love how Fabolous Flows on the beat....

Man, I love love love this song! There's a remix with Fabolous on it? Oh no...I think I'm scared to listen.

loving the shoes most def getting a pair.

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