My Obsession With Defaced Property

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Growing Up I Always used to sit on the train and i LOVED when the F train got to Brooklyn and i looked out to see Astroland in the distance as the train pulled into Stillwell avenue. I knew there was a world of graffiti and spray cans and illegal pictures to be explored and examined and even adored. I never really liked bombing (Its like when they might just put their name there) I wanted to see some kind of expression.

I loved the ones with the color (Street Art). The greens. pinks, purples, blues, oranges, yellows, all caught my eye and kept me staring while i was being dragged down the streets by one of my aunts, my little feet moving as fast as they possibly could trying to catch up and look at the defaced property at the same time. Coney Island was the shit.

Eventually i noticed the Murals for dead people and those always amazed me. Giant Life like pictures bigger than i was all readin "In Memory Of" With the painted face of some guy who had been murdered.

If you ask me Picasso aint got shit on Don, Fafi,Cope 2 ETC.

Here's Just A Few Things I've seen floating around That Caught My Eye and reminded me of the 90's when i was just a kid tryna get to a destination but got sidetracked by shit i considered to be art:

I Woulda FLIPPED. Do you see how 3D the stairs look even as he moves from the wall to the floor? SICK.

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yeh thats hot,I used to look at the same shit as a kid. I looked at the graffiti in the train tunnels, as the train moved dumb fast,it was like watchin a cartoon

Thats dope, nothing like graffiti. I don't see too much of it happening in baltimore :(

Poor Poor Malcolm.....
HOLD UP Im on my way over to your blog i wanna know how the beat battle went

Okay, those stairs are sick!!
Fafi is amazing.
Whenever you're out in LA, you have to check out some of the wall art there. Insanely talented people with some dope pieces.

P.S. I appreciate you having "Feelin' It" on your blog. I can never get enough of this track.

wow i never saw those stairs... HOT

im mad late i know...but i must say that is one of the things that captures me the most when i come up there..i have to go deep in the city of stl to see it here but it still has nothin on what i've seen up east

You can't be serious, Malcolm. Have you paid attention when you ride the lightrail? There's this building on the eastside that has "Fat Chicks Rock" on the roof in graffiti.It's this motherfucker named Baal that's been all over Baltimore. I'm about to start tagging and start a graffiti beef and shit.

E-Rich, your gonna get beat up man .....LMAO

this is sooo freakin sick man...i love it!
thats another reason i miss cali so much because they have real art on walls..not just "gang tags" n shit im talkin the beauty like those are NICE!

i NEED to visit NEW YORK soon

awh i love fafi!! i cnt wait to one day visit new york and see all these things.. def an experience..

love it! damn i wish i cud draw like dat!

The stairs i think is really good, i live in bk to so i know exactly what you talking about, i was on the D train going to the city and i notice they did some art work, so as the train went by it looked really great.

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