R.I.P To My Blog....

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So I have been debating on whether or not to delete my other blog. I apologize to all of my followers over there for what I've done but.....It's something i had to do.

I appreciate Everyone who is a Hip Hop Blogger. I especially would like to thank Dom (Who collaborated with me on our very FIRST compilation of weed songs) TJs DJs (Who would always Send me the latest B.o.B exclusives and invite me to all the parties, Thanks). Children Of The Curb (You guys are the bomb), Amalgam for alll of the new Max B And Joe Budden (whose album was Ok by the way), Miss Info who is seriously the most down to earth sarcastic young lady i know, and just all of the people in the hip hop blogging, promoting, writing, and even entertainment blogosphere. You guys have been good to me.

Im taking the whole writing thing on full throttle.

*Sigh* I'm kinda sad about it. That was my baby.


P.S. dont think for a second that something bigger isn't coming along hahahaha!! If you know me then you know i have something up my sleeves...

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10 Schitzos Talking

ahhhh sis, i cant wait to see what u got up your sleeve. rip onsd lol yo juicy is my cut..that jawn is crack n if u dont know, now u know nigga!!! lol

awwww man i was just getting into all those posts too !

This is going to seem SUPER random but... do you got to Alabama State U??? And that marching band sho do look like the mighty marching hornets....lol

Ok. That comment makes little to no sense. Typing too fast for my brain. I was trying to say that you said you got to ASU and then I was trying to say that you have a picture that looks like the MMH. sheesh.

I knew it! I graduated from there!!!!! That's funny.

Ah, just when I started getting into your blog..

What is the link to the posting of your weed songs .. I'm curious .. I always listen 2 fabolous when I'm high ..

noooooooooooo! love the blog!......................oh wait sumething bigger =D

I tend to listen to Charles Hamilton and N*E*R*D when I'm toasted.


Well, I'm sure you'll have something better in store for us.

awh -RIP- blog! lol i was wondering where it went!

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