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I have to be honest with you all, i probably don't read all of you guys' blogs. Heyyyyy Honesty is the best policy. There are a few that i read because, lets face it you guys are creative and talented. Then, there are those of you who just started blogging because Myspace finally started boring you and you were looking for an alternate way of being online and interacting with other people.

Some of you do have, and come up with very creative ways to keep me entertained, which isn't that hard at all. One of the more talented storytellers that i happened to run across because her story had the borough of Brooklyn in it's title would have to be a young lady who goes by the name Riva. Her Blog is supposed to be a compilation of miniature stories, however each post seems to intertwine and tell a story longer than a short story usually is. her story;The Boys On The Block In Brooklyn (And Others)" is one of love, lust, lies, and how boys can sometimes be stupid (So far).

If you've read any of these other online blogger books i advise you to read Riva's blog. None of that half assed vocabulary, and misspelled (Purposely) words in sentences. I Actually love the story, and i believe some of my other Brooklynites, New Jerseyers, and other urban cities nearby (Maybe even Baltimore, I cant wait to get to B-More in July!!!) would love it too!!

Blog I Co-Sign: Boys On The Block In Brooklyn (AKA Riva's Fiction Blog)

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I have to agree .. Riva is my bisshhh .. I love that blog of hers .. She is crazy talented .. I could almost relate to every word she states in that story of hers .. How u been tho Supa ?? Where u go to church at .. Im really tryna get my life together ..

Will do mama... so am i one of the privledged??

Wait, you coming to B-More in July? What's here?

hmmm i see i got some checkin out to do..thx for the heads up sis

thanks for the love mama. :-)

def. getting a shoutout on the personal blog.


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