Smell Yo' D**K

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In Honor Of Yvette/Evette however you spell it (From Baby Boy) Smell Yo Dick By Riskay.

This chick so Innovative.....SMH!

(OFFICIAL) Riskay Feat. Aviance and Real - Smell Yo Dick

I dont know..... *Blank Stare*

Anyway, This was once an epidemic, I remember when grown women would say this to their man....
I remember Yvette telling Jodie "Let me Smell Ya...." well you get it.

OK fellas if you comment your gonna have to come up with something a little more creative than "While Your down there you can suck it too"
I've seen that comment under this video 100 times already

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7 Schitzos Talking is NOT that deep. if i gotta be smellin it and shit i might as well go get a new one.

they really let somebody make that song for the general public?! smh

this needs to be on that fail website.

lol homegirl is right tho

*Jaw Drops*

.. You have GOT to be kiddin' me.

i just died...this chick said 'dirty foot bishes'ineffincredible lmao..lmao and word @ j.rae..she aint lyin

wow smfh...i agree with j. rae as well. if you are so unsure about your man and keep wondering if he's cheating on you then there is no reason for you to still be with him

What if her boyfriend's wood smells like butt? Then what? She might not be so happy she found that out about him.

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