SO IM BACK!!! and apparently so is Kid Cudi.

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Don't worry, I'll be getting to your blogs soon...maybe (HEY! Honesty is the best policy!). However, while I was gone, I was seriously GONE! I took a complete vacation from the Internet (Not including Twitter). I heard a couple of interesting, disturbing, and interestingly disturbing things in my absence (A Sex Tape 50?). One thing that I found out (via twitter) that annoyed me and another guy on twitter who goes by the hilarious name; Internet Goon was the retirement of ...Kid Cudi (Yeah, I scratched my head too). WE didn't appreciate Kid Cudi's retirement. I think (and this is just my opinion) that the only people who should even be allowed to utter the word retirement, are those that have a CLASSIC album out, and can be considered a legend. These people include 50 cent (GRODT), Hova (who has never sold less than a million ... i think), Eminem (who sells more than Hova), and hell...even Diddy (Who can't stop, wont stop so we're all just gonna have to "Take dat Take dat"). Legendary status isn't exactly EASY to obtain, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can Cudi be considered.....legendary (I apologize to his groupies, fans, and stans in advance for the rest of this post....not really).

Any who, does anyone remember that kid J-kwon who made that song about "Everybody in the club getting Tipsy" and "Hood Hop". HOW ANNOYED WOULD YOU BE IF HE CAME OUT AND SAID I'M RETIRING?

Ok Ok, maybe your saying to yourself "I don't really care because umm...we don't like him and we could care less about him so let him retire and stop waisting plastic for his C.D. covers". However, I'm different if you haven't noticed, and i would be upset, as should you if your a real music lover, as I am.


Anyway. To further desecrate and insult the hip hop community, Kudi has decided in AUSTIN, Texas.....NOT HOUSTON**, that he will Un-Retire.

** I said Not Houston because he clearly said Houston and he's in ....Austin.

Seriously? ......I wanna see his album sales..... or should i say his download numbers (because i doubt he ever even puts an album out, mixtapes are NOT included) after this funny little stunt. Wait....does he have an album out already? I'm not sure....

If he does....LOL, How can you retire and people don't even know you have an album floating around out there?

Anyway. This is not to discredit this man for all of his .....achievements, but should a feature as a Hip Hop freshmen in XXL magazine realllyyy mean that your the next big thing? Is it kind of annoying that all of the big hip hop blogs constantly bombard us with pictures, new songs, and mixtapes from Cudi, Hamilton, and Asher Roth?

I'm on a search, a search to find my OWN favorite rapper, not the ones that the people who run hip hop websites force-feed me, and tell me i should like. I'd appreciate it if you guys did too.

I'm not trying to offend anyone or start any arguments, however if i have.....I have proudly done my fucking job. I was almost crucified for expressing this in a comment on someone else's blog...i appreciate you, you added fuel to my fire that was slowlyyyyy dimming out. The music industry is a joke and the consumers should be laughing but ...they're the ones who are being laughed at.

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5 Schitzos Talking

1. CuDi definitely does NOT have a CD out, he's building buzz off that Jim Jones remix to the year-old "Day N Nite"

2. I thought you already had a favorite rapper that no one else mentions and will never put out an album.... Cory Gunz. LOL. Jus playin boo :-D

3. Get some **** in yo' life and below-the-radar rappers' antics won't bother you so much .... Heheheheheeee !!

That is all. Good day Creshie-Weshie (Yea, I did just make up the worst nickname possible for ya, hope you like it.)

i'm a Cudi fan and i was very mad at his decision to quit but now he's back and i dont know what to think. i'm kinda lost. i understand what ya saying but now a days, it doesnt matter if you came out with an album or not. Its all about quality. there's a lot of rappers who drop albums and their music is trash. So Cudi doesn't necessarily need to drop an album to be legendary, his music is of quality. Like put Soulja Boy up to Cudi(lord forgive me for this one). SB may have had one of the biggest records ever and sold a large amount of his album and was grammy nominated(still dont know why)but when you just compare their music to each others, Cudi wins hands down. And i feel that mixtapes should be included b/c some artists' mixtapes are hotter than their albums. And I knew and loved the majority of the artists on the XXL cover wayyyy before the issue came out and i'm not gonna stop liking them b/c everyone else does now.

but i feel you on this one....

That's what I said! This nigga's only been popular for nowhere near a year and he's talking about "Ugh, the music game makes me sad and I can't handle the pressure, so I quit". If he would've "retired" he would've been bitching out in my opinion. Shit, I don't know how I look at him now after that stunt he pulled. I wonder how Kanye feels after investing all of this co-signing into this nigga.

And for the record, I like Charles Hamilton because I actually like his music. I'm not "on his dick" as my girlfriend says, it's just that 40 percent of the music on my psp is his. I haven't really been looking out for the other Freshman guys, except B.O.B. and Wale. Besides Wale and Charles, some of them niggas been slacking since they got that cover.

I bet this was JayZ's idea.. He passed it 2 Kanye .. Who passed it on to Cudi .. I really like Kid Cudi .. He's like a real cool pensive rapper .. He has a great amount of potential .

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