Homophobia (and the ignorant)

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Little precious has a natural obsession
For temptation but he just can't see
She gives him loving that his body can't handle
But all he can say is baby it's good to me
One day he goes and takes a glimpse in the mirror
But he doesn't recognize his own face
His health is fading and he doesn't know why
3 letters took him to his final resting place
Ya'll dont'hear me
-- Waterfalls - TLC.


For the past three days I have been in the theatre taking part in the One Act festival (Yeah, Im a theatre kid, since my freshmen year here at ASU) and one of the plays that had the audience in tears was "Before It Hits Home".

Brief Synopsis: The play was a bout a musician who lef home to play his ...Sax (i think) and hasn't been home in about 30 years. He's been engaging in both hetero and Homo-sexual relationships with men and women. He's on the downlow.

The play was about AIDS, the message was "Be careful, wrap it up, and stop being so promiscuous because AIDS does exist and it is killing young men and women, in ALL communities. Not just the Gay Community, Not just the Black Community, and Not just in Africa as some people so ignorantly think"

That was the message.

Once the play was over, a young lady came up to me and said "You know, that play made me cry, it was really touching, maybe now they'll think about it, and stop being Gay".

Me being me, was ready to call her all kinds of dumb asses. But i digressed, and I held my tongue and just waited.

Now, today I sit here and Im wondering, how many other people in the Audience got the message but took the WRONG thing from it. How many people actually understood what we were trying to say VIA our Theatre Arts performance. How many people, walked out of there and caught an STD THAT SAME NIGHT!? How many people will NOT take heed and catch one in the near future? How many Already Had The Disease?

AIDS is VERY serious yet promiscuity is probably at an all time high. People who so carelessly and Irresponsibly have sex UNPROTECTED.

AIDS does NOT affect just the people who have it, but it affects their families, and their communities.

If I (G'd Forbid) had any kind of STD my family would be devastated. Not only would they be devastated my partner, and their partner, and their partners and the other partners of those partners ......Would be devastated.

Do You Understand Where Im Going With this.

Homophobia is the reason why we dont sometimes get and understand the message. Being in Denial, thinking "That wont or Could never happen to me" is the reason we dont get, or take heed to the message that we tried to get across to the youth last night in the theatre.

AIDS is NOT a "Gay Disease". Aids is real, and though we may not have it personally, and no one in our families may have it, it Affects YOU!

So basically That was my plea for you guys to wrap it up, be informed, and open your eyes. The world is crazy. As a matter of Fact I Got A Story To Tell (4) Coming soon. TRUE STORY too.


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3 Schitzos Talking

yup sis, you summed it up quite nicely...aids has no face, no gender, no race, no sex, etc etc. and this is sadly, a subject that is danced around for fear of upsetting ppl or even scaring them but hell, maybe if ppl got scared enough then they'd do suttn to protect themselves. nicely put

I thought that AIDS was a gay disease shit died in the 80s? That's like saying anorexia is a "white disease".

Disclaimer: I personally do not consider anorexia a disease and hardly feel sorry for the people that subject their bodies to the torture that they call "losing weight", but I do recognize it as a serious problem.

before i proceed to leave my thoughts you know what the funniest shit to me is though, and please tell me you and i still communicate through telekenesis lmao but how come this particular blog entry has less comments then all of your previous blog entries hmmm... mkay *raises brows* bitchassness breathes smfh

anyhoo... Homophobia is kicking in a society which has supposedly advanced can't divide their ignorance from fact. I appreciate this as i am coming into my own sexuality and feel that in numerous cases people pick and choose what they absorb to fit their scheme of comfort..sad but true but i thank you for being bold enough to touch on such a topic

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