Some Of You Bloggers Annoy Me.

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Well, Maybe not the blogger themselves, but alot of the commenters (Looks as my followers Un-Follow me).

Is it me or do you (especially the females) always agree with everything that the person who wrote the post says?

I'm tired of seeing "Aint that the truth" when A Male blogger can bash females or say something that NO female should agree with, Like ....having "casual sex" ( an excuse for you freaks to sleep with everyone and make it look 'ok') and I look through the comments to see what females say....and its like:

Yeah I agree, I hate chicks who do that, why are you getting mad its just sex

Or a guy can say how females get on their nerves when they do something and a female can comment "Yeah, why do women do that" when Mama, YOU KNOW YOU PROBABLY DO THAT SAME THING. Every female here on blogger is NOT a righteous, perfect, women. So please stop acting and pretending.

Im sorry, .... Im too real to NOT point that out.

I'll be back on my regular blogging thing one of these days. I'm just really busy with school and work. Not stressed, Just busy.

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yea its almost as if people are afraid to disagree, damn I aint been here in a minute.. my bad I like the background

I DISAGREE!! lol i do see it sometimes also, shits crazy

People do agree all the time on blogs for some odd reason. I hate when they use like a sentence. If you gonna comment (even if it is a constructive comment) give me more than a sentence dammit! On the other hand ask a question or something. I like questions lol

lmfao. I almost caught myself saying ain't that the truth about everyone not being righteous. I know myself I just blogged about some bad things I've done within 3 weeks of time. But, everyone makes mistakes and we just have to learn from them. People are fake, we don't have to like them, but we have to accept them for what they are--fake and phony.

ehhhh, it's like that everywhere. people don't like to be the outcast so they agree loudly and disagree silently.

Honestly, who cares... it's a matter of opinions anyway...And in some cases people just agree to get followers... i want people to read my blog cause it's sexy, confusing, mysterious, weird, entertaining, outside the norm, and real, not because i said aint that the truth or yea... im not a yes man!!! dare to be different people!!!

I actually do see people disagree on posts and voice how they really feel. Sometimes people agree because they agree and sometimes its because they are afraid to have their own voice, which is sad but hey thats life.

That ain't nothing new... every one just wanna be down. If they disagree they dont comment! lol

By the way... "girl you are so right! Aint that the truth!" LOL

Damn agreeing is contagious. We just want everyone to like us... :-)


lol. i agree with YOU! i hate when ppl do that. like i constantly see ppl like on the same blogs, different posts and on each and every post they like, "i feel you, i agree" blah blah blah. and im like "you're always agreein with this person, do you not have your own mind?" smh. nice post!

Hmm... I think it has something to do with an unwritten code of sorts around here. See, a blogger takes their time to pour their own thoughts onto the site they created.

When someone comes by and wants to comment, they don't want to make the blogger feel bad about something they want to share to the world. So, they will agree with them as a form of encouragement.

There's also the topic at hand. If it's a very personal topic, people will generally agree so that the blogger doesn't feel alone.

Then, you have the people that are regular kiss-asses. I try not to hate them for it... I actually admire it to a point. As hard as I try, I could never do what they do...

preach and the church says A DA FUCK MEN lmaooooooooooooo i dies... you just like me dont give 2 shits and some toilet water ____________________ lmao... i think the majority of them feel like they got to dick ride via comments to get a dick ride via their hot poondangas lmaooooo what happened to women being able to formulate their own opinions? come up with their own conclusions and such? i think alot of them comment for the sake of bringing attention to the male blogger... because feed back means a cohesive interaction and merging food for mental consumption...

would i be falling n2 the trap if i agree wit this blog? lol

p.s. that pic is classic lol

most of the time i dont even respond to post i dont agree with... waste of time.

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