Brooklyn BBQ's And Block Parties


It was a block party and everyone was outside. It was hot and the Quarter Water Juices attracted all the bees from Brooklyn To Staten Island. The 25 cent Icy's were plentiful, and the Icy cart was going up and down the block with the little hispanic lady selling icies for 50 cent and you could get the big blue cup for a dollar.

I walked up and down the block engaging in different types of Games. We went from Manhunt, to regular tag because my next door neighbor Maria didnt understand what man-hunt was. It was simply Tag, just a little different lol. Then we would play red devil and the block would be filled with children arguing "Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Sheryl Right Over" One kid would yell from my side. Then The little boy who had on the blue and yellow shorts and a tye dye T shirt with different colors would yell, "Man, why yall keep picking Sheryl, No, New Rule..." and his rule would get lost in the midst of us yelling "NAhhhhh You can't do that, making up new rules yo, nahhhh"

Everyone would get mad and the boys would break off and play fight and one of my sisters would go get the double dutch rope, which was really a wire we asked the guy on the AT&T truck for when he had drove down our block 2 weeks ago.

"Zero Zero Zing Zing God No Higher" - Keisha would yell, which just meant that she was going first and there was no call higher than that. Then you would hear the rest of us girls yelling out "First" "Second" "Third" and so forth until we had all called our turns out.

Then Mellissa would ALWAYS try to get one of the ends of the rope and she knew DAMN WELL she was 'Double Handed' which meant she couldnt turn double dutch.

THEN HERE GOES THE BOYS! Jumping in the rope looking all retarded, and our little game was ruined....bastards.

Then The food would come and My sister would always get ketchup from her burger all over her face and my father would get mad and tell her "Go Clean Your Damn Face" and she would cuss him all the way over to the table to get a napkin, but only in her head, and then when she would get back to the group of kids who sat around eating she would whisper "Man, i cant stand him". Then The Music Would Play.

OH HOW I LOVED THE MUSIC!! We would start it off with Crystal Waters' Gypsy Woman, The Jeff Redd's You Called and Told me, Then we would take it to The "Follow me" Joint, By Aly-Us. We wouldnt stop there, we would go on to Hey Mr. DJ By Zhane, Ce Ce Peniston's 'Keep On Walkin' and 'Finally' would play and then 'Brighter Days' My DJ Vinnie and everyone would be out there dancing. I would just wait until my joint came on, and get ready to sing.....

then...BAM!!! Real Love....Im Searching For A Real Love, Someone to set my heart Free Real Love...Iiii-ahh-immm Searching Foorrr a Real Loveeeeee.


Then the reggae would come on. Pose Off, Romie, Tight Up Skirt, Batty Rider, Freaks By Lil' Viscious, Maddy maddy Cry, Then my Favorite reggae song ever created "Action" by Buju Banton would come on and my pops would always try to get me to dance because i could wine up my waistline like the a jamaican girl off the boat.

I would wait that white reggae artist snow's song to come on "I Will Do Anything For You" and then i would make my way to the dance floor and the people on the block would cowd around. And LORD, if me and my friends would have practiced a routine just for the block party it was OVER! All eyes on us as we would get out there with matching outfits and do the pepperseed, bogle, and butterfly all our hearts desired.

Brooklyn ...A Beautiful Place to be in the summer, I feel bad for anyone who has never and will never experience this.

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