Ducking And Hiding From Black Isrealites.


You ever see the guys outside dressed like Power Rangers Mystic Force (Ninja) edition? They have on long dresses robes and they try to preach to you about the true religion, and that Jesus was a black man because he had black feet and hair like wool?

Yeah..well every time I go outside one of them decides that I'm the perfect candidate (without even discussing this shit with me) for the religion. So they eventually got my phone number out of me because I ALWAYS wanted to be the Yellow Ranger. They called me and introduced me to the church.....

Then they tell me I have to come with a head scarf and I cant be on my period.

Oh Really? I cant be a WOMAN in church?

Your crazy, I don't believe in head scarves especially when I JUST paid 50 dollars to have Maria perm my hair at the Dominican Hair salon, and sat under that dryer for 2 hours. I also believe in doing whatever the hell it is that I want while I'm on my long as i have Midol (Sometimes Tylenol with Codeine for that extra high, extra cramp free feeling).

I'd prefer NOT being your yellow ranger. Thank You.

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I was always a fan of the Black ranger despite the fact that he was the only one with a gun/axe.

Anyway, fuck them and their religion. I don't mean to sound like I'm sacreligious or anything but I am also not a fan of folk trying to push their religion upon someone else.

-Mr. Heartbreak

I don't like the way they go about pressuring people and their sexist and racist thoughts towards society. BUT they are funny as funny as shit from far way.

And I stopped watching power rangers after the black ranger was no longer black.

LMFAO! You can't be serious. I'm mad you can't serve God on your period though; I mean really? I can go to church all except 3 to 5 days out of the month.

I thought I was the only one that thought they looked like Power Rangers. For some reason, when there is more than one, there is always one short and fat one that looks like Kimbo Slice that talks all the shit, then there are two thing guys. One a little bit taller than him, and one taller than the other guy. At least they don't come up to your door like Jehovah's Witnesses. I'd much rather have a conversation with a Witness than these wacky bastards.

damn they on it like that...
and hell naw...
so we just have to miss church on our are u serious?!
thats the time when we need God the most

LMAO DAJA~!!!! Who are you telling??

I Be praying "God PLEASE let this one be a cramp free experience this time i promise not to talk shit to people for a WEEK"

Ill mess up their whole system...dropping tampons and such! Saying stuff like "aww shoot, done dropped my tampon, let me put that back in my bag imma need that in about 4 hours!"

On a serious note, this is why organized religion and I cant get along. I will never understand it. I guess you are "unclean" when you are on your period. But if it werent for my period, I wouldnt be able to produce another set of power rangers to uphold this funky ass religion. I basically control the existence of this trifling shit.

let me go have a seat. Ive been pissed off about being a woman already. **grabs midol and glass of milk**

lmao yellow ranger..
i dont have any of those over here in the bronx tho... we mostly get the mormons i believe ...they come in sets of 2 in a short sleeved white collar shit with a skinny black tie..slacks..and a camper bookbag..

they really dont try to push any religion they just walk around for a bit. then dip

those dudes are assholes

LMMFAO!!! I've seen those dudes, the Baltimore chapter, that is. I've always been a duck and runner, myself.
Yellow Power Ranger tho?? x_x

lmaoooo! Omg...I used to be a member of that cult...too funny...nice blog...

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