Bloggers Annoy Me Part 2


OK. So I sign on blogger and I'm looking for something to read. Blogging is an art. This is NOT your own personal fuckin' diary. I just thought you should know. Even if it is your own diary, at least let your life be interesting. I hate reading stuff like this:

Today i went to the store and i saw "Jim" he looked cute. I cant believe i broke up with him. Oh and i like this song called "Rock a bye baby".... (just watched new jack city excuse the song title)... and it was good. I think I'll buy that album."

You think we want to read things like that? You think we care?
Where's the creativity, the art of story telling, or the depth, in a post like that?

Anyway, another thing i noticed is that everyone thinks that they are putting out exclusive shit. OH new watch. OH new shirt. OH new jeans. YOU TOOK THAT SHIT FROM ANOTHER WEBSITE AND DID NOT GIVE THEM ANY CREDIT!!!!

If you think I'm talking about you.....9 times out of 10 i am because almost everyone I'm following is doing it.

None of you actually entertain me anymore. I followed you because you followed me first.....(LMAO, nah I'm serious, and alot of y'all know it's true because you do it too)


If you change your blog's name and your name on blogger at the same time for example:

Thoughts of a Schizophrenic Brooklynite = Life of a thugged out Psycho (LMAO)
Super Woman = Discombobulated Girl (Or some shit)

you need to notify people on who the hell you are because i don't know who half of the people popping up in my updates are. YOU CANT DO THAT! Its Confusing and annoying.

Yeah SO FXKN WHAT if My blog used to be called Life and Times of SHE. I changed it and I'm still Super_Woman.

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13 Schitzos Talking

I would think that I'm better than that. At least I add some sort of flair to the stories I tell.

Flair. . . I don't think I should've said that. . .

Wow. That's actually very true. Even more so about the whole diary thing. There are some people that just blog to blog. Others like to tell about their daily transgressions. Me? I tell stories. I don't wanna come off as some super intelligent author but I write to tell the story of my life so that my experiences may help others. Or to just give my point of view or complain about dumb shit. But that's just me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I appreciate every blog I read because someone took time out to write what they wanted to share with their followers. But I fully understand what you mean.

-Mr. Heartbreak

I lovee this post .
And this blog .
So reall .

then you have not met me.

Hey, I was gonna go on a blogger rant today!

Actually Robyn, I've been peeking in.

Mr. Heartbreak, there is a difference between telling a story and just exposing what you did for the day.

If your going to tell what happened to you, at least tell it as a story. Maybe im taking blogging too serious....*shrugs*

@E-Rich this is a No Homo free zone. I know your not ....funnystyle LMAO

then they asses get mad cuz they dont have nobody following or commenting!!!!!

yeah they dead ass

"You think we want to read things like that?"
hell naw..

"You think we care?"
girl bye i got better things to waste my life on

lmao @ "Life of a thugged out Psycho"

I am cracking up that you put all your followers on blast!!!!

Calm your ass down aint that serious...let them people post what the hell they want..... I know It is some super dumb wtf bandwidth wasted,fuck outta here,who fuckin cares, shit out there but dont knock em.. this might be their only outlet never know...all you gotta do is hit unsubscribe from them Fuckers and call it a day :)

*kicks in this mufucka!* first off i resent this shit mucho i dont know bout the otha million somewhat mufuckas feel on this bitch but I? better be part of the 3 % you read cuz i still stimulatechu lmao and i say dat shit with much fucking attitude i dont give two flying pigeons watchu say da fuck? how in the fuckansas did you plan calling a bitch out on yo blog and not expect me to bounce back like round ball... oh so you not entertained? hold up.... really? mkay so sunday my whole blog finna be dedicated to miss not entertained lmaoooooooo imma see if i can getcho eye brow to raise *mushes you a lil* how dare you lmaooooooooooooo i die anyhoo *straight face* it has to be a bk thang thang cuz i swear fo lawd i was wondering all da mufuckas failure to give mediatakeout a shout out like me lmaooooooooooooo so fucking wat shit they can suck on my ovaries shit lol and man im tight *kicks yo box* lol

OK, I love your blog and shit...dope! Because I feel the same way reflected in this post about everybody's blog.

And +10 for mentioning my nigga Pipes on that Twitter. I'm trying to step my shit talking game up...

Super Woman-

why do I love you?

Maybe because you are me!

I just chalk it up as a bad day for those bloggers...I know sometimes I can write about nothing and press the post button with ease

...well at least I think I do LOL

I dont know about you, but I have read blogs where the person literally copies and paste from one of the news websites and dont credit them (Like I cant go to and read this shit myself) or they change their writing style to something that sounds like and looks like the way you write (and you know you are not crazy because they usually are the 1st to comment on your newest post and all of a sudden their story lines match yours but is extremely terrible, lacks intelligence and boring as hell)

Im actually talking about 1 person, and I might delete this person(enough of my venting)


Im still in love with your blog though hun~ Ill be back

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