Nuh Unn... Sexy Spec Es No Bueno


OK!.... This is my thoughts through out the whole video

0:15 - Why is this grown ass man whispering into the camera like we having phone sex or something.

0:19 - Lingerie? Like the nigga is named after Womens thongs and stuff?

0:40 - Whyyyyy Did he just yell out a bunch of dudes names then say "Anybody that want it, could get it" ... He's going to be needing to explain his sexual preferences to the masses after this.

1:03 - Did he just back up, with red thongs on ...and Twirl.... Like A Bitch.... Yes, those are victorias secret for men....

1:05 - oh shit.... Nuh Unnnn....

1:15 - Im confused as to what he use that tongue movement for.....

1:30 - This nigga rubbing his self. I cant. Nope....

1:38 - He dead ass serious...just look at his face and how he hold his chest. He for real

1:45 - he rubbing his neck ......(TURNS IT OFF)

This nigga said he not gay? I heard he defended his sexuality....
This Holiday Heart, Too Wong Foo Ass Nigga ...
Have men giving up on women? Is this what its come to
telling other men... you can get it?
Then say it aint beef?
It aint beef bitch, you trying to fuck me... of course it aint beef

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7 Schitzos Talking

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*picks up laptop and throws bitch across the room*

i can't deal with this type of fuckery right now.. i just can't!

ole rooty tooty fresh and fruity ass..


He obviously doesn't know what it is he meant. He said no beef but the simple fact that he challenged niggas to a "grind-off" is a little questionable. This nigga is a lame. Honestly, I think this was just all for publicity but worked against him as a few hours after this shit came out, he and the rest of "Pretty Bitchy" got dropped from Atlantic. Oh well. Goddamn fuckstick ass motherfucker.

-Mr. Heartbreak

"telling other men... you can get it? Then say it ain't beef? It aint beef bitch, you trying to fuck me..."


My mother liked this video. I told her she's not allowed to say that in public.

i can't... lol

thanks for stopping by my blog =). i love yours more tho lol

What the hell.
Lmao, that was horrible. u know. If anyone knows gay that's me...and when I tell u my gaydar beeped till the shit exploded it means strickly dickly...I mean pretty ricky ctfu is one match short of a bon fire aka "flaming!" first off let me get this off my chest... go ahead to google images and type in "castro supreme porn star" and tell me that they aint the same person lmao or twins for those of yall that don't know castro is a gay male porn star...homo thug of sorts. Ctfuuuuu I swear ma, check it out pleeeeeease!! *snickers* you gon dieeeeeee!!! Anywhoo dis shit was wrong on so many levels. First off his lips had spit shine...then he had on some bout him calling out other artists "male" that have been associated with said "gay" title. How do you challenge a grown man to a grind off? Deaaaaad!! ya man whine better then me...the fuck? His waist a little too smooth and flexi bend....did he touch his self a lil? And why my nigga twirled like the nut cracker?.....where were the otha 3 strickly dickly at when shit went down? Who are his PR people? Damn shame! The shit about this that I find hilarious him denying his sexuality when clearly he looks like he knows how to please a man and keep him happy....suprised a nigga aint had the skripper pole lolllllll mkay I'm done....ol twirling ass pixie dust lying nigga!

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