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Remember NYC tokens, before metrocards?
I sure Do.
I miss the token. Before the Fare was 2 Dollars.
I remember the $1.50 days and the $1.00 days.
I hear it used to be something like 50 cents
The good old days In NYC.

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11 Schitzos Talking

yeap...all u needed was a token

now u need two dollars IN CHANGE maybe more

u think they'd get machines that accept the dollar.. all that hikes they imposing

Damn, looks like they NYC transit went up. I hope they don't do this in Baltimore anytime soon.

Tokens?? wow.. thats hella crazy! wonder why they switched it up..

half fares and shit .. now niggas gotta pay a whole 2 dollars .. smh smh ..

what happened to dolla vans actually being a dollar ..

smh .. looks like imma start biking every where .. and plus its good for the thighs ..

how come when i twitter you . you never reply .. whats up with that.. i might have to beat u up SHEN SHEN !!!!!!!

LYRIK MY LOVE!!! I usually sign right out and see your @ replies the next day Im sooooo sorry Hun!

wuddup love - jermaine (jwork) said you told him i cancelled my blog; jes wanted to let ya kno im still here and in full affect ;P

Yeah i see you popping up now. Your link is gone though when i click the profile.

ahh them tokens was the shit lol . All you had to do was drop it in a keep it movin ' .

Hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting...we love it : )



do i remember the days..and i miss them..hell i def want the days where gas was like 98 cents a gallon back cause my car be guzzling it

Well I been gone 4 a min. so i'm not surprise...everytime I visit I dnt even be shock no more...

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