ROSES (An Ode To Nana)

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You know the best medicine go to people thats paid
Magic Johnson Got A Cure for Aids
And All the broke Muh-Fuckers Passed Away
You telling me If My Grandma Was In The NBA
Right Now She'd Be Ok?

They tell me to stop sometimes and just smell the roses.
I can't right now im on the way To a Hospital With Nana For her Chemo Doses.
Watch them put a needle in her arm
watch her head start to nod
They feeding her the devils crack
So I Go to a nurse and i Ask
If Mike Jack
can change the fact
That he started his life as a Black
If Magic can Live through Aids
and Humans can Live through Plagues
And Middle easterners can Fly through Buildings with Airplanes
then hide in caves
and I Think its insane
That you cant Find Osama In A Cave
But look in a Hole and Find Saddam Hussein
How Come My grandmother can't Beat Cancer?
Niggas Dont have that answer
They can fix economic problems, come up with a stimulus
But cant stop these cops from Killing us.
Get a black man in office and they still aint feeling us
still cant be real with us
and they say racism is over but there's still white kids who cant chill wit' us.
So I cant stop and smell no fucking roses
Im On My way with My Grandma To get her Chemo Doses

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11 Schitzos Talking

This is real real.

My grandfather died from prostate cancer, it was painful.

Be as strong as you humanly can.

I really felt this one. Very well written.

lil sis i know it's been a min..i'm sorry..anywho, i know exactly how you feel b\c at some point and maybe another point someone couldnt stop n smell the roses b\c they were takin ME to get my chemo doses. powerfully written piece

i really liked that. i like how you added a very personal touch to Roses. dope poem!

Having being diagnosed with cancer and dealing with my dad going through prostate this hurt me so damn much to read S! *hugs you from a distance* i know Bk niggas dont do that mushy shit but fuck watchu heard i'd do it for you right now. keep ya head up babes... and the rest of your body will follow. -Val aka Pro

sidenote: imma stalk yo ass no matter what blog im using lol cuz i know at first glance you was like "da fuck?"

LMAO I DAMN sure was like, whoever this is sounds like Pro.... But it says the Brooklynites Lol

chu know a bitch versatile ________________________flatlines i die lol

I love you Shen . I think we were meant to become sisters ..

No homo tho ..

lol love yuuu

You write so well. I dont know about cancer as much as I know about AIDS but I can relate.

Roses really smell like poo anyway.

there is no feeling in the world that can compare to the feeling of watching a loved one die...slip away right before you and there is nothing you can do about it.. stay strong sweety not just for you but for her because she thrives off of your strength believe me...there is no need to cry.
my great great grandmother passed when she was 98 and she had cancer... she literally died in a week..went in the wed passed the next wed...

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