Every One's A Fashionista


... But Dont know shit about fashion, and thinks forever 21 is where its at, and talk shit about REAL designers who design for Target and H&M.

Everyones a Hip Hop Head, But Don't know the history and cant name 5 underground artists.

Everyones a "Bad Bitch" but cant hold a candle to alot of regular chicks.

Everyones "different" but looks like the rest of the people walking down the street. Then make fun of the real different people who dare to do what they do.

Everyones a 80's baby, but dont know shit about the supreme team or what a 5 percenter is.


I'll be free soon. My family from N.C. came up here, annoyed the hell out of me, wrecked my house and then left. I feel like i was kidnapped from my real family and placed with weirdo's, Not including my grandmother.

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10 Schitzos Talking

*hugs* i've missed you... grrrrrl, the upkeep of a blog ain't no joke but i am back on my shit so we'll see... first and foremost i am in love with the new layout it's so girly lol now let me touch each thang thang one at a time. Tae loves forever 21 lmaooooo i am an H & M girl oh yeah and trust and beeeeeeeeeeelieeeeeeeeeeeve if i'm ever lost u can find me at atlantic center mall downtown target in the electronics aisle or makeup makeup and body section trying on all the lotions.

lmao @ hip hop heads. let me add they be the same ones talking bout souljah boy tellem is the best rapper ________________________flatlines

oh i'm a regular bad bitch! lol

the world is full of clones many steal something and recycles..thank god i'm an alien

this was entertaining as always

i gotta agree with this one.
by the way. do u have a twitter?
if so, follow me @QuiteFranklyKim and I'll do the same. \

peace out.

I don't understand how people don't know what a 5% is. People pose for no reason, glad to see your back!!!!

The term fashionista has always been so corny to me.
Hey, you gotta appreciate f21's brand strategy.

Lol, Tay ...they steal all the high fashion designers ideas, make the same shit then sell it.

Forever 21 is gonna get sued

Speak on it EssDub!! LOL, although I'm too fat for H&M and Forever 21 so I don't have that problem...
Decided to hold off on 'hawking it out, because mad regular...excuse me..."bad" bitches (lmao) are shaving their heads left and right (pun intended...) And...I'm a real bad bitch so fuck mohawks, lol
Real hip hop heads know Joe Budden is hotness...his mixtapes is da shiiiit...oh and this bad ass hip hop bitch starts every morning with some Wu for breakfast..lol
SuperWoman u da baaaast!! LMAO sorry for geeking on your blog, but I'm in a tremendously giddy mood...(giggle)

lol you are silly for this one...i dont shop at forever 21 they cost too much for me..hip hop heads? not gonna even go there, not knocking those women who consider themselves 'bad bitches' peroooo it's over rated along with all the ppl who say yeah i'm different but they got the same shirt n sneakers i do smh and supreme team??? nuff said lol

Forever 21 is an evil store...the shit fall apart upon purchase no refund on dismantled itmes smh if i go there straight to the boys section... They shit sturdy.. Everyone wanna b different cuz its "in" n fake that shit like how they was made fun of or some other shit..tuh nuff said :\

I fucks with this blog :)

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