In The Words Of Biggie Smalls....

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..."Playaaa Haterrrr,....(skip) You've Been Robbed"

Yeah, So I hope he's not going out like that. I definitely say go back to court because over 100,000 Bucks in Child support and legal fees is just BANANAS!

Her Milkshake couldn't have possibly been worth that much. I dont care who it brought to the yard.

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4 Schitzos Talking

I don't know how she gonna get that money. He don't have it! lol

I agree with Teems. This is one of the rare cases I would say this phrase, "Nas Lost". He better make it up to her ass or something. Thats a lot of money

haha!! "her milkshake couldnt have possibly been worth that much..." lol!!! i bet he's thinkin the same think right now!! smh

lol teems took the words out my head smh..

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