"Shut The Fuck Up" 1:30

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At 1 minute and 30 seconds, someone decides to tell Kanye to shut the fuck up. They may have been talking to a random person in the crowd, or maybe even their loud mouthed girlfriend. I would like to think they were talking to him though.

Im mad Kanye went off like this? What was he drinking/thinking? LMAO I laughed the whole way through

"This is what you wanted right? Dance Nigga Dance"
-LMFAO, Yuuuhhhhh. LMAO.

"Everybody who bought water bottles feeling dumb as shit"
-What? No nigga i actually like my poland spring.

"Who doesn't think its illegal? TMZ, and i have to pay 100,000 dollars to the photographer that said i hurt his arm. But i was just tryna break your fucking camera, I wasn't tryna do you no harm. Dude, I'm not trying to stop you from getting paid AT ALL. But i feel the pictures you take are trying to make the icons fall. Cause there was a point when my father was a photographer in Atlanta you used to have to know how to work a dark room to take pictures, you used to have your flash expose at the right settings, now with automatic cameras anybody can get in, and stand out front of the mercer, and whats worsER when you be walking THAT WAY, they say HEY KANYE, like they a fan and (weird noises) money money money is their plan and if i snap i am less of a man, and here is something you cant understand, that i will just kill a man"

It's safe to say that after they finish shooting the "We run this town" video, Jay Rih Rih, and Amber need to have the intervention show bust in his room. Not for drugs, he needs emotional help/

AWI = Attention whoring while intoxicated. SMH I love kanye but he's hurting, somethings wrong with him, I love him, but he needs some serious healing. Some serious Jesus time. Some HELP!

Camera men please back the fuck off

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its worth readingg i promiseee;;)

Damn, your definitly right. He is very sick in the head nowadays. I just cant help being a major fan though. lol.
Thanks for the comment on my post, i appreciate it.
Im currently following your blog, it seems intresting! Return the favor if you feel the same. :]

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