I Just Want to Sell Drugs


Am I the only college student feeling this way and actually really thinking and contemplating this? The strip club is out of the question, I love my self and I want to own a house one day and walk around clothes-less, however in front of strangers; thats a no go!

My next door neighbor said prostitute and I looked at her like she was on Crack, Heroine, LSD, Easy Jesus (E&J) and every intoxicating substance created.

I just want to be able to pay my tuition, not owe this janky government anything (Even though as long as i Owe them they'll never go broke, because I sure owe them.) and make some money, be rich and buy expensive clothes, and shoes.

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Find a sugar daddy.

Sorry, that's a bad suggestion.

i was thinkin the same thing until i thought back on my recent 'jail' experience n i decided that it's prolly not a good idea and i'll just have to owe these mofos until i die lmao

dont feel bad we all are thinking of things that normally we wouldnt.. i was thinking about working at a strip club not as a stripper but as a bartender or server... they make money especially if you know how to flirt and have great boobs.. now selling i cant do.. jail is not for me and its riskier

I completely understand. I keep a job in school. I might have to have 2 this semester.

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