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Got Beef?

The internet has gone crazy with twitter, facebook,and youtube; a craze that began with the myspace phenomena. I don't know when celebrities realized that the internet was a great way of promoting their own work; free of charge, as well as interacting with their fans (as well as their 'haters'), but they have recently took it upon themselves to flood social networking sites, create profiles and update daily. Some have even engaged in vlogging. For example.....Joe BuddenTV with TahiryTV (Whose not a celebrity no matter how much you disagree with me) on the way.

When these well known people take it upon themselves to grab a camera and make a self made video, there are no longer public relations people or managers around to tell them that what they're doing, saying, or promoting is inappropriate. The absence of those important people in that celebrities career lead celebrities to do stuff that could ultimately get them laughed at, on a gossip site, or ....punched in the face. When you get rid of the people behind the scenes these celebrities are normal everyday people who just happen to be popular. Some people like the interaction available between them and their favorite rapper or singer that twitter and youtube offer, however, once that person gets online and begins doing what I like to call "Regular Nigga Shit" consequences are sure to follow.

One of the people who has taken it to the net and caused alot of controversy with his antics numerous times which has not only gotten him punched in the face but has also gotten a friend of his punched in the face in front of his home would be Joe Budden. The Raekwon Incident was actually started when Joe Budden says some disrespectful stuff towards some rappers, which sparked words between him and Method Man (You do the 6 degrees of separation and figure out how Raekwon got into this)

YES! The Raekwon incident was not the first time that Joe Budden ruffled feathers in the rap community. In this video here Ransom goes to look for Joe Budden after Joe Budden provokes him VIA Youtube, then Youtubed a trip to Ransoms block. Though Ransom didn't slap Joe Budden, he did slap Joeys best friend and then BOOM! Just like that Joe Budden wants it to be over??? *sigh*

However Raekwon, who openly says that he doesn't want to Square Dance with him, is a pussy?

When squashing the beef with Ransom he doesn't believe that fighting because of a beef that he started, that ultimately got his friend smacked out side his house, his girl called a smut, bitch, and got her outed for fucking a famous rapper; Fabolous, its nonsense?

I personally like (some of what he's doing, I don't buy his albums and I probable wont as long as illegal downloading is around, but I like his music as well. However, the beefing and squashing beef with people who will (In the words of Jim Jones) Smack your kufi off has to stop. All the altercations that you initiate with JoeBuddenTV is getting old, All the "Regular Nigga Shit" you engage in on the internet needs to cease and desist; ultimately it's going to get you ....(Cough, Ahem) Fucked up, or worse......shot.

You Live By The Blog, You Die By The Blog, and the ransom incident, and the Raekwon incident is proof of that. So the moral of this story is, be careful what you say on these blogs if your not ready to get punched in your face. People getting hit, people getting beat up and sued and fired from their jobs because of stuff they're posting on twitter. SMH. Dont Believe me? Ask Perez Hilton, who recently got punched in the face for some obscene remarks he's made about Fergie of black eyed Peas.

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3 Schitzos Talking

wow. I was gonna write about celebs with twitter and live TV. I still might. I didn't even know about the buddens thing SMH

Wow . JoeBudden finna get his shit merked . He better chill .. I had no idea Raekwon wuz so gully .. Dis crazy .. Good post !

Joe my man and all but Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with. I just hope he keeps his opinions to himself now that he realizes how quick it leads him to trouble

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