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Recently I haven't posted alot of meaningless posts about whats going on I'm my daily life. "Today I Saw a monkey at the zoo, I Love Monkeys, Later Guys" Type posts annoy me. However, this one will be like that, but not really, because there's a valuable lesson in the end.

So, I have this friend, she's really naive and she's a straight up sucka. She's starting to fall for this guy who seems really nice and he's an angel, he wants to pay to fix her tires (which she just swooned over), he's the perfect gentleman and...Oh did I mention he's fucking MARRIED!!?!!

She doesn't understand that he's not really a good guy. I'm currently on the phone trying to explain to her that any man who gets married and then claims that he's ready for a divorce 6 weeks after the marriage, but still hasn't filed divorce papers isn't a good guy. I'm also trying to explain that there's no way that a guy who's married to a woman, would have had her over his house last night and had sex with her if he was really "Done with her, doesn't want anything to do with her anymore". He's not a good guy.

She insists everything he's doing is the girls fault and he did something to the girl to make them seperate (Though they still have sex from time to time). I'm not trying to discredit that notion, it may be true, but he's still married and nothing, but a divorce can change that.

I'm trying to make her understand that he's trying to turn her into the sideline hoe. The Hoe on the side. The one he freaks off with, but doesn't care about.

She insists that she's his "rebound" (Looks rebound up in the urban dictionary)

REBOUND GIRL: (n); A girl to fall back on for guys who just got dumped.

Dumped which implies that the relationship/marriage is over. OVER. FINISHED. COMPLETE. NO DAMN MORE.

Dumb Trick. I'm not explaining this to her anymore. I'm going to let her be his "rebound" aka SIDE LINE HOE!

MORAL OF THE STORY: stay away from trifling men who say they are going to get a divorce but they aren't. Especially stay away from them if they are talking about a divorce 2 months after they were married (A serious indicator that somethings wrong). Ladies, Please, Don't feel good that he chose you to cheat on, because in reality he chose you to have sex with and dispose of. Oh and don't be a dumb slut and have sex with, "date", or (Lol at this one) become "Just friends"* with a married man.

*Just friends in his language means Sex buddies, yeah, he's trying to do you, screw you, put his penis all through you*

Class Is Dismissed.

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5 Schitzos Talking

-sighs of relief-

This needs to be a said to so many people. It's so dumb... my friend got into this kind of situation with some dude, who had a baby-mama and it was a shit load of baby-mama-drama. Saying he was going to leave the baby-mama alone and stay with my friend and all these other empty promises.

"Don't feel good that he chose you to cheat on, because in reality he chose you to have sex with and dispose of."
And can you believe she's trying to get me with some dude who likes me, yet has a girlfriend, who he has been with for like 10-14 months? Im not dumb, he wants a summer fling, which I am not giving out.

Just friends. . . the nigga novel I'm reading now. . . I'm about to talk about it, because I can't wait to get to the end to talk about the terrible mistakes in this book.

lmao @ the ending...couldnt have said it better myself lil the way...I MISS YOUUUUUU!!!! that is all lol

Love the ending!!! LMAOQ!!!!!!

if you aint telling the truth i dont know who is

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