Barack Obama Ruined My Life.


When I hear people say "Barack Obama is an inspiration to this country, now little black children can believe that they can one day be president", I feel like black people have just been slapped/slapped themselves across the face. Do people believe that just because "My president is black" my generation, and the younger generations had a light bulb moment and said to ourselves "Self, you can be great if this nigga can be president"? Obviously, I missed the memo that stated that before Barack Obama was elected president, black children didn't believe that they were capable of doing great things.

Honestly, Barack Obama ruined my life. I didn't study political science to be the SECOND black president. He stole my dreams. I planned to be the first black president and he went and snatched that dream right from under me. I guess I should go ahead and just focus on a lousy Criminal Justice Degree now.

Just so Americans know, I inspired myself to be something great way before he was smoking weed in Harvard hallways. My grandmother instilled in me from day one that I could be the next yellow power ranger, or Zena (Warrior f**king princess). She told me that I could be the next Assatta Shakur (when I was going through that phase), but she encouraged me to want to be greater. So I chose to be the first president of color.

Thanks Alot Barack, You stole this little black girls dream. No one likes to be second, people only remember the first and the last person to do things.

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5 Schitzos Talking

You said assata shakur, yellow power ranger and xena the warrior princess all in the same post. you are my hero lol. Plus you threw in some granny OMG. Following your blog in 3.....2......

u can be the first FEMALE black president right??..

Sasha, yeah, but now that black people finally believe they can do stuff, i might not be able to be that. Damn You, Barack!

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