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You know something; there are alot of great Black Artists, but Black fans are always comparing their artists and trying to make an artist and their music less great than it really is. Like Comparing Nas to Hov... WHY? Two Different men, two different types of music, under the same Genre.

You don't hear white people saying "Well you know... Elvis was hot, but Frank Sinatra is better because ...."

We need to let our artist be great and stop ripping them apart on shows, in blogs, and on the radio. It's usually only Black Owned Blogs, and Black Bloggers who disrespect black artist.

That's Like comparing Nicki Minaj to Lil' Kim, why cant Nicki be Nicki, and Kim be Kim. Yeah, Kim is a pioneer,a nd a woman who originated her style of rap (because of course we had MC Lite and Queen Latifah before her) and that's why Kim is great (In My Opinion), but let Nicki Minaj be Nicki Minaj.

I named this Nas because I Love Nas, and I Was Listening to The Message when The light bulb moment came about. Y'all know how random I am.

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I agree. I love Nas as well but ppl always trying to compare. Like let him be him.

shit ..
its hard for people in general to grow ..

nicki has been compared to trina, kim, foxy, remy - damn near everyone .. which probably makes it harder for her to be an individual ..

Drake is another one too ..
he's been compared to everyone and he's only been gettin industry money for a couple years now..

i've heard so many comparison with drake ..
- rap version of trey ..

you know what it is..
no one will ever be good enough for black ppl

I agree!
esp when they compare Pac with Biggie

Lights a fire in me like no other

Good post but remember this kinda of stuff is as old as the hills. The Delfonics versus the Dramatics, The Temps versus the Four tops! Charlie Parker versus Lester Young! Nas Versus Jay Z, it was about selling records, cool it just got personal when real family stuff got aired. But it's about selling records! Maybe when the artists get back to just standing behind their products that when some this will die down.
PS You haven't visited since the weapons of mass destruction post with the jheri curl!

Not only that but its like we aren't allowed to be a fan of both! We have to choose the ultimate one! Lol... This use to bother me so much because people would assume I was on "Team Nas" and feel the need to tell me why Jay-Z was a better artist. Boo

v i g i l a n t c i t i z e n . c o m
sorry for the creepy typing. I don't know the spaces gave it more umph!

i like your blog, just feel you should be on the up and ups!

mann i feel you completely.
its so smallminded of people
to do such a thing in my opinion.

everybody has their own style and way of approaching a track. wich is why when people do remixes its completely different because different artists are bringing different things to the table.

madd love .

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