Im Sorry For Not Reading Your Blog....


Ladies and gentlemen I have had two people make reference to me not reading their blog. I also haven't been posting on my very own. I've been busy getting A's on all my papers and trying to be a social butterfly lol. I have so many things im trying to do as well as keeping up with my on campus organizations and make a name for myself before...

*AHEM* Teems knows this. I'll tell you later Teems

Back to the general audience. Anyway...

Jaycee, I do apologize hun, your blog will definitely be read when I sign on, Sasha, I see the new blog, and I'll be checking in from time to time. Any One else want to hang me for not reading and commenting, dont worry, I'll come through.

BUT LET ME BE CLEAR, if you aren't writing about anything, then I'm not commenting. I don't care about fashion (Unless your Allyson) and I don't care about entertainment news, or entertainers. Just great topics, and great discussions, hell I'll even read a poem or two.... but don't give me nonsense overload.

Back to this paper I'm working on...

Ciao Bella's and Boys!

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You already know ;-) I may not write a lot, but I do put some good music up.

Hope all is well, baybay! Good luck at school.. Holla at me sometime, you know the digits.

I feel you. i follow 100 something blogs and i'm only going to stop if the first few lines have substance. I think I have too many celeb gossipers and fashionistas as it is. It's hard to keep up with people sometimes. AND IF I SEE ONE MORE POST ABOUT RIHANNA AND OR CHRIS BROWN....

Check out my blog when you have time. I personally think it fits your standards.

Shes back!
You keep flashing in and out my internet life lol. Good to hear about the grades though.

*plugs blog real quick*

tell em shenda..dont nobody care about chrihanna and beyonz shoot.

take your time. as long as your finding time to smile and pass ur classes with A's blogspot can kiss that ass

lol .. too many fashionistas .. lol .. keeping up with your school work is a good enough reason as to why you havent been reading/blogging much .. good luck in school shen !

lol sis you wilin'..congrats on good grades etc etc..i'll be back lol

peep my blog love... New song up and id appreciate the feedback,! thanks

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