The Pen...


....and I Knew when My hands wouldn't move, and the paper remained a deafening, blinding white, and empty lines were where words should have been yelling, and screaming from; maybe everything was ok.

I could write, but i couldn't write anymore.

Not like I wanted to. I couldn't capture their hearts because what I did was from the heart, what I did was through my own pain, in hopes to help them with theirs. Now... Im just stuck in the middle of a big ass hurricane; the eye of the storm is always quiet.

To My readers, those who actually enjoy, and read, and love..... I apologize.
I'll be back but I'm enjoying happiness and freedom from emotional distress right now.

Dont worry, because I'm not typing, doesnt mean that I'm not writing anymore. I keep a pen and a wideruled marble notebook on me at all times, jotting down schitzo worthy thoughts.

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5 Schitzos Talking

Enjoy, lady! Lovely post anyway :)

dig that sis!! i'm dealin with this now only i got od shit to scribe about, just cant get my thoughts organized enough to put em down...yo i'ma have to drop you an email with a way to contact me outside of internet..i got madd shit goin on (that we'll talk or text about lol) so i cant get on like i'd like to..but aye, i miss you too glad that all is well (:

its safe to say i missed u bunches :0) most importantly your pen.

you need a break. live life.. we'll be waiting!! atleast I will.

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