Haitians Need To Go Back To Their Country...


and stop coming over here to steal our benefits, and our jobs..."
---Girl on facebook.

Response. (WARNING: The views and opinions that will be expressed in this rant are strictly MY views, stating the way that I feel, and do not reflect the thoughts of most of my affiliates, which is sad.)

Its people who've been fed with silver spoons. Black people have gotten too comfortable. Spanish people, have gotten too Comfortable, Middle easterners, Asians, You've all gotten too comfortable, because many years ago people were yelling at us that we need to take ourselves back to our country.

Black people didn't want to do it when Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X Proposed that we should.
To the rest of the races, and people of other various ethnic backgrounds; you're fairly new here, so I assume you enjoy it here, and don't want to go home, or else you would have already. No one really wanted you here when you flocked to the states either. People really need to Cut That Shit Out. However, we're all entitled to our own opinions, thoughts and views, that's the beauty of being an American, other people deserve and want it too.

Having Native ancestry running through my veins as well as the blood of my Western African ancestors, I should be the one complaining. People stole this country from my ancestors, murdered us with their disgusting diseased blankets and slaughtered us when we told them that their welcome had run it's course. As a descendant of Africa, we built this country and it has taken over 400 years for us to see a black man run this country. Allow me to reiterate; we built this country, brick by red cement brick. However, Natives and blacks have the worst living environments out of all of the people in America.Cut That Shit Out.

Americans, especially BLACK Americans; we need to get our priorities straight.Lets focus on our own communities, rebuilding our own communities, and focus on advancing our own communities before we focus on depriving others.

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3 Schitzos Talking

The person who wrote that is very arrogant, I wish she was my friend on FB so i could give her a lesson about America.

Being of haitian descent i wish to God the bitch that wrote that was on my fb so i could rip her mu'fucking ass a whole new ass, hole optional ugh. I was already tight this just made it worse..

Thank you though for speaking your thoughts so very eloquently might i add. - pro

I would've personally whooped that bitches ass ..

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